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LORD Fusor® Automotive Aftermarket Products

LORD Fusor® Automotive Aftermarket Products are rapidly improving work times, turn-around times and overall quality in the collision repair industry. Automotive repair adhesives are used to restore and return vehicles to pre-accident condition, and are specially formulated to repair all types of automotive substrates, using the same proven adhesive technology that is applied to the OEMs. The Fusor line includes adhesives for bonding metals and plastics, and for applications requiring seam sealers and acoustical foams. 

To view LORD application training videos, go to or click here.

Advantages of LORD Fusor

  • Quality – Better performance, ease of use and adhesive technology that matches the OEM look
  • Guaranteed – Provides a lifetime performance warranty
  • Adhesive experts – LORD manufactures adhesives for the most demanding markets in the world
  • Reduced cycle-times – Faster cure and paintability time
  • Fewer SKUs – Compact product line with acrylic, urethane and epoxy adhesive technologies meet collision repair needs with fewer products

State-of-the-Art Training

  • Industry leader in adhesive training
  • ASE and I-CAR certified clinics
  • Proven Best Practices instruction
  • In-shop instruction and certification, how-to videos and repair procedures
  • Training courses in metal bonding, weld bonding, plastic repair, bumper repair, seam sealing and foams

OEM Adhesives for the Aftermarket

  • Found on every car manufactured in the world
  • Same adhesive technology supplied to OEMs
  • Meet OEM specifications and match OEM look
  • Called for in OEM repair bulletins, repair manuals, recalls and recommendations


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