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Aerospace and Defense

  1. Inertial sensor for antenna pointing.
  2. Displacement sensor for control surfaces movement.
  3. Inertial sensor for camera stabilization.
  4. Wireless sensor for landing gear loading.
  5. Wireless sensor for door hinge shear measurement.
  6. Wireless sensor for APU vibration monitoring.
  7. Wireless sensor for strain measurement of wing.


Force generators located in the cabin or near the gearbox generate forces that reduce existing cabin vibration levels.

Elastomeric mounts protect equipment from the negative effects of vibration and shock.  Mounting systems may also be used to protect engines from airframe-induced loads.  

LORD conductive coatings can replace traditional metal mesh lightning strike solutions in composites, reducing weight and simplifying manufacture.

Pylon isolators improve helicopter ride by reducing blade-pass vibration and gear noise.

Elastomeric or Fluidlastic™ rotor dampers provide damping to prevent resonance problems on the ground and in-flight.

LORD provides complete, assembled, rotor hubs and also the major components thereof, such as CF bearings, centering bearings,pitch links, stops and dampers.  

LORD TT straps lead the industry in reliability. 

Watch--in this video--how LORD active suspensions provide a smooth ride for a hummer during offroad conditions:


  1. IMU - Inertial sensor for dynamic inclination measurement.
  2. Drivetrain torque monitoring.
  3. Engine vibration monitoring.
  4. Wireless load sensor.


LORD Corporation Receives Silver Boeing Performance Excellence Award

LORD Corporation received a 2014 Boeing Performance Excellence Award.

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