LORD Corporation

With more than 3,100 employees in 26 countries and 19 manufacturing facilities and 10 R&D centers worldwide, we're there for our customers ... Ask Us How.

Our Company

Improve Aesthetics & Fuel Economy, Increase Throughput, Reduce Weight and Manufacturing Cost



Eliminate Welds and Rivets

Increase Throughput

Reduces manufacturing cost while maintaining structural integrity.


Reduce Warranty Impact

Increase product life cycle proven with cyclical, fatigue, corrosion, and Impact resistance testing.

Sidewall Bonding:
Improve Aesthetics with Rivet Removal

Panel Bonding:
Improve Warranty and Quality by Eliminating Corrosion and Leaks

Roof Bonding:
Accelerate Assembly Times While Improving Performance and Customer Perception

Bonded HVAC Units:
Bond and Seal in One Step to Enhance Work Flow and Design

Door Closures:
Bond and Seal in One Step to Enhance Work Flow and Design

Seam Sealing:
Protect Against Corrosion and Cargo Damage, Direct-to-Metal Options Reduce Cost and Improve Throughput

Metal Bonding:
Save Time and Money with Production Efficiencies and Reduced Re-work

Plastic Bonding:
Bond to Many Types of Plastics and Composites and Cross Bond to Metals Which Allows for Light Weighting and Sleek Designs

Rivet/Weld Reduction:
Eliminate Leaks, Stress Cracks and Durability Issues While Reducing Manufacturing and Warranty Costs

Using LORD® adhesives to bond truck bodies during manufacturing, rather than welding or fastening, can reduce labor costs and cycle time.

In addition LORD® adhesives increase throughput, reduce material costs and weight and improve strength. What makes us different is our exceptional technical support dedicated to ensure your every design need is met. Our adhesives bond to various substrates including coated, painted, bare metal substrates, plastics and composites. We offer multiple cure speeds to fit your application requirements. We also offer glass beads for bondline control to prevent over-clamping.

LORD Structural Adhesives

Metal Bonding for Standard Joint Designs
Maxlok™ MX/T3 Acrylic Adhesive
Maxlok™ MX/T6 Acrylic Adhesive
Maxlok™ MX/T18 Acrylic Adhesive
LORD® 403 Acrylic Adhesive
LORD® 406 Acrylic Adhesive
LORD® 410 Acrylic Adhesive
LORD® 810 Low Read-Through Acrylic Adhesive
Metal Bonding for Improved Fatigue and impact Resistance
LORD® 850/852 Acrylic Adhesive
Seam Sealing and Bonding for Direct-to-Metal Applications
LORD® 7555 Urethane Adhesive/Sealant
LORD® 7610DTM Direct-to-Metal Adhesive/Sealant
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