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Main Street at FlatIron
Author(s): Nina Neilson
Product Category: Adhesives

As the state of Colorado continues to grow by leaps and bounds, the borders between Denver, the capital city and Boulder, one of the state's main college towns, have faded. Miles of open space between the two cities has been filled with quickie-marts, fast food chains...

Adhesives offer Cost-effective Alternative to Welding
Author(s): Scott Miller, Marketing Manager–Industrial Assembly and Components, LORD Corporation
Product Category: Adhesives

Although the growing market acceptance of adhesives as a cost-effective alternative to welding is intriguing to many, companies with roots and expertise in aluminum welding are often skeptical to give glue a go...

4-Star Trailers Reduces Labor and Increases Door Strength by Incorporating Specialty Adhesives From LORD Corporation
Author(s): Constructive Communication
Product Category: Adhesives

As one of the nation's leading manufacturers of custom aluminum horse trailers 4-Star Trailers understands the importance of providing structurally-sound trailers with secure doors. As such, they partnered with LORD Corporation, who is a pioneer...

LORD Corp.'s Adhesives Allow Marine Closure to Cut Costs
Author(s): Kimberly Kayler, CPSM, CSI, Constructive Communication, Inc.
Product Category: Adhesives

When your product ends up around the world on such diverse marine vessels as the finest mega-yachts built for royalty to government patrol craft and utilitarian commercial fishing vessels, efficiency and quality are a must...

Give Glue a Go
Author(s): Dan Bradshaw, Industrial Assembly and Components, Lord Corporation
Product Category: Adhesives

Compared to mechanical fasteners and welding, structural adhesives evenly distribute stress, act as sealants, reduce noise and vibration, help prevent corrosion, and maintain the original mill finish of exterior surfaces of thin panels...

Steer-by-wire Challenges Hydraulics
Author(s): Douglas F. LeRoy, Lord Corporation, MR Solutions
Product Category: Magneto-Rheological, Vibration and Motion Control

OEMs are replacing their traditional vehicle hydraulic systems with intelligent electrical systems that reduce complexity and improve performance...

Replacing Rivets: Vehicle Body Manufacturer Switches to Adhesives
Author(s): Unlisted
Product Category: Adhesives

It isn't enough that a truck or bus runs well – its appearance also counts. That's the sales strategy of Supreme Corp., a manufacturer of general-purpose and customized bodies...

No Longer Science Fiction: OEMs and Suppliers Take a Closer Look at Steer-by-wire Systems
Author(s): Douglas F. LeRoy, Lord Corporation, MR Solutions
Product Category: Magneto-Rheological, Vibration and Motion Control

Some original equipment manufacturers are re-engineering traditional vehicle hydraulic systems with intelligent electrical systems that reduce complexity and improve performance...

Earth and Beyond Lord's Expertise Stretches Around the Earth, Into the Stars
Author(s): Mike McNulty, Rubber & Plastics News Staff verything about Lord Corp.
Product Category: Magneto-Rheological, Vibration and Motion Control

Everything about Lord Corp. is big. It's a major global player in the noise, vibration and motion control product industry, the specialty adhesives and coatings field, and sectors such as automotive, aerospace and defense...

Earth and Beyond Lord's Expertise Stretches Around the Earth, Into the Stars
Author(s): Steve Aust
Product Category: Adhesives

The sign-fabrication process has always been an arduous, time-consuming task. When considering appropriate hardware, numerous factors arise, such as the fixtures' expansion and contraction coefficients...

Adhesives Prove to Be a Cost-effective Alternative to Welding for Marine and Industrial Applications
Author(s): Dan Bradshaw, Senior Account Manager–Industrial Assembly and Components, LORD Corporation
Product Category: Adhesives

Proven in a variety of end-use markets – including more than 50 million cars, trucks, specialty vehicles and boats worldwide – structural adhesive bonding is an established joining method. Because the adhesives are polymers, and this article discusses...

Structural Adhesives Form Strong Bond with Signage
Author(s): Scott Miller
Product Category: Adhesives

Sign-makers have long sought a way to improve durability and aesthetics and reduce the labor-intensive steps associated with welding, taping, and fastening. Today's adhesives can structurally bond metals to plastics with unique design, production and cost benefits...

LORD Corp. Works With YUSA to Decrease VOC Emissions and Improve Employees' Environment
Author(s): Unlisted
Product Category: Adhesives

In today's global marketplace, industries are becoming more aware of the impact solvents and the use of heavy metals have on the health of employees, the environment, and the cost of waste disposal. With governing bodies like the OzoneTransport Commission (OTC)...

Strength vs. Durability of Rubber-metal Bonds – Factor Effects From Processing and Chemistry
Author(s): R.J. Del Vecchio, Technical Consulting Services, and Ernest Ferro, Jr., Corry Rubber
Product Category: Adhesives

The bulk of experimental data reported in studies of rubber-to-metal bonds is focused on the original strength of those bonds at room temperature. However, in actual use, the long-term functionality of bonds is often related more to their environmental resistance...

A Lifetime Bond
Author(s): R.J. Del Vecchio, Technical Consulting Services, and Ernest Ferro, Jr., Corry Rubber
Product Category: Adhesives

Today, more than ever before, technicians in the collision repair industry have the ability to return a car to its pre-accident condition. This advancement is largely due to the acceptance and growth of the use of weld bonding...

Nanotechnology and Mathematical Methods for High-performance Thermal Interface Materials
Author(s): Sara N. Paisner, PhD, LORD Corporation
Product Category: Electronic Materials

Higher power chips have resulted from a variety of new developments in the electronics industry. While these state-of-the-art devices offer the benefit of more power, more heat is typically produced. Using a dense particle packing theory, a variety of thermal management...

Don't Get Stuck Wondering About Composites
Author(s): Michael Bishop, Assistant Editor
Product Category: Electronic Materials

With the price of metals increasing, manufacturers are modifying their designs to offset their rising costs. At the same time, more consumers want to purchase vehicles based on gas mileage ratings...

A Better Bond: American Coach Switches to LORD Engineered Adhesives to Improve Aesthetics
Author(s): Unlisted
Product Category: Adhesives

Mexico's American Coach is a national manufacturer of premium intercity coaches. After learning that several major automotive manufacturers had used structural adhesives to minimize the use of unsightly screws on the body work of more than 50 million cars...

Improving Operator Comfort
Author(s): Unlisted
Product Category: Magneto-Rheological, Vibration and Motion Control

Comfort is something we have come to expect in our daily lives—we like to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, sit on comfortable furniture, and eat comfort food. We want a comfortable ride in our cars, too—seats that adjust to fit our bodies and suspension systems that...

Structural Adhesives: A Bonding Alternative for Solar Panels
Author(s): Ian Quarmby, LORD Corporation
Product Category: Adhesives

Harnessing the sun's energy to produce electricity is once again garnering interest from eager consumers looking for a cheaper, environmentally friendly power source. During the last energy crisis of the 1970s, solar power gained attention as an alternative...

Engineer's Toolbox: Quantify the True Cost of Switching to Structural Adhesives
Author(s): Nelson Publishing, Inc.
Product Category: Adhesives

LORD Corporation — a pioneer in specialty structural adhesives, polyurethane coatings as well as electronic, vibration and noise control solutions — has developed a unique cost modeling software program for those interested in process cost reductions...

Bonding with Adhesives
Author(s): Nelson Publishing, Inc.
Product Category: Adhesives

Many aspects are considered when designing a component. Among them are the part's shape, construction materials, and joining methods. Depending on the application, mechanical fasteners and welding are the usual bonding methods...

Smooth Ride: Torsional Vibration Control for Diesel-driven Powertrains
Author(s): Shannon Sweeney and Tim Kubut
Product Category: Magneto-Rheological, Vibration and Motion Control

The need for reduced fuel consumption and the requirements mandated by vehicle spectator noise emission regulations have caused engine idle speeds to be lowered. Further, as strict diesel emission standards take effect and new engine...

Damping Vibration in the Air: Single System Used in Active and Passive Environments
Author(s): Richard Mandel
Product Category: Magneto-Rheological, Vibration and Motion Control

In the quest to get there from here and back, the traveler seeks three things – speed, economy and comfort. The middle item depends, in part, on the amount expended to maximize the first and last, which of themselves are products of advanced technology...

Worker Friendly: Study Identifies Where A&D Professionals Want to Work
Author(s): Carole Hedden
Product Category: General

Mitre and United Launch Alliance (ULA) are very different companies, but they share one important attribute. Both are providing the workplace challenges, flexibility, diversity and career opportunities that aerospace and defense employees say are most important...

Reducing Shutdowns
Author(s): ICR Research
Product Category: Vibration and Motion Control

No company wants to contend with setbacks such as forced shutdowns or increased plant maintenance costs, which can lead to profit losses. However, when Lafarge Cement UK decided to make some production changes, it had to deal with these obstacles. Fortunately, Lafarge found a solution that could accomplish its original production intentions...

How Lean Manufacturing Principles Speed Product Design
Author(s): Lawrence Kren
Product Category: General

Gaining employee buy-in to new programs can be a challenge, especially in a business environment littered with buzzwords such as "streamline," "best practices," and "customer focus." But after having successfully integrated Lean principles into our...

Coupling, Damping In Wind Turbine Design
Author(s): Bryan Haltom, Market Development Manager, LORD Corporation, USA
Product Category: Vibration and Motion Control

The application of vibration control and damping technologies to wind turbine design is providing solutions that can reduce both operational downtime and turbine costs...

Filling a Need for a New Tower Design: Solutions to Tower Challenges in New Damper Technology
Author(s): Bryan Haltom, Market Development Manager, LORD Corporation, USA
Product Category: Vibration and Motion Control

The solution for the damped struts is based on the LORD Fluidlastic damper technology, used in the aerospace industry for more than a decade, specifically for lead-lag dampers on helicopter rotors. It was chosen due to its maintenance-free characteristics and proven use...

MR Technology Tactile Feedback and Application of By-Wire Systemstor
Author(s): Douglas F. LeRoy, Market Manager, LORD Corporation
Product Category: Magneto Rheological

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are re-engineering traditional vehicle hydraulic systems with intelligent electrical systems that reduce complexity and improve performance. Hydraulic systems are often inefficient, noisy, complex and poise certain environmental concerns in the event of leakage....

Bonding Alternatives for Solar Panels
Author(s): VendorView
Product Category: Adhesives

The PV and solar industries have technically met the challenge of grid parity in many geographical locations and yet there is still hesitancy in the uptake of this renewable resource. Despite the advances in the technology the manufacturing process can often be expensive enough to make the margin of return and profit...

LORD Corporation's Conductive Materials Improve Solar Cell Conductivity
Author(s): Alternate Energy News
Product Category: Solar Energy

LORD Corporation, a leading supplier of thermal management materials, adhesives, coatings and encapsulants, has pioneered several product advancements that are an improvement over what is now available to the solar industry. These products are ideal for applications, such as screen-printed solar collection grids, photovoltaic cells, bus bar connections and thin films for flexible solar cells...

Structural Adhesives for Wind Turbines
Author(s): Anita LaFond
Product Category: Adhesives

When people think of "wind power" they often picture huge wind farms with towers dotting the horizon, but there are other means of harnessing the power of the wind as well. A new alternative energy concept captures not only wind, but also exhausted air from mechanical equipment to produce usable energy. Wind turbines manufactured by Green Cycle Wind provide valuable energy output from both natural...

Structural Adhesives: A Bonding Alternative for Alternative Energy Equipment
Author(s): Ian Quarmby
Product Category: Adhesives

Alternative energy applications are a key focus in today’s marketplace, creating new jobs and reducing the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. Solar and wind energy are garnering interest from consumers looking for cheaper, environmentally friendly power sources. To make these methods even more attractive to the end-user, energy equipment manufacturers are seeking to lower production costs while increasing product reliability. One area of potential gain is in the choice of fastening systems. Although mechanical fasteners are commonly used for securing PV and wind turbine panels...

LORD Corporation Develops New Cost Modeling Software
Author(s): Southwest Manufacturing News
Product Category: Adhesives

LORD Corporation has developed a unique cost modeling software program for those interested in process cost reductions achievable through the use of structural adhesives. According to Carlos Cruz, LORD Product Assembly Adhesives and Coatings Marketing Manager, the company developed the software tool to aid customers in the evaluation of new adhesive applications...

Securing a New Bond
Author(s): Angel Business Communications
Product Category: Adhesives, Solar Energy

As the global solar and PV industries expand there is an increase in production materials, processes and tools available to the manufacturer. The increased competition further encourages companies to differentiate their offerings. LORD Corporation discusses how structural adhesives provide a viable alternative to current fixing methods and suggests that for the solar industry it is a perfect bond...

Structural Adhesives and the Solar Industry: Standing the Test of Time
Author(s): Global Solar Technology
Product Category: Adhesives, Solar Energy

As a major producer of general-purpose and specialty adhesives, LORD Corporation has been at the forefront of many industry trends. This is especially true for the solar power industry, which was just coming into play when LORD became involved with supplying adhesives for the first solar-electric generating plant (Solar One) in California in the early 80s...

Highly Conductive Adhesives via Novel Heterogeneous Structures
Author(s): Timothy D. Fornes and Paul W. Hough
Product Category: Electronic Materials

There is an ever-growing need in the electronics pack- aging industry for high performance, polymer-based materials that have increased electrical and thermal conductivity. All too often, the steps taken to reach higher conductivities are accompanied by undesirable prop- erty trade-offs such as reduced adhesion, compliance, toughness and increased viscosity...

Advances in Flip Chip Underfill Technology for Lead-free Packaging
Author(s): Larry Wang, Ph.D.
Product Category: Electronic Materials

Flip chip packaging is one of the fastest growing segments in the IC packaging industry due to its design advantages vs. wire bonding. However, flip chip pack- ages also impose significant new demands on underfill encapsulation materials. Specifically, flip chip devices are moving towards smaller standoff gaps, finer bump pitches, and denser area array interconnects...

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LORD MicroStrain® Sensing Systems – a global leader in developing embedded sensing systems for aerospace and industrial markets – has been awarded a 2014 Best of Sensors Expo ...

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LORD Corporation MicroStrain® Sensing Systems has announced a series of enhancements to its SensorCloud cloud-based sensor data platform (

LORD Corporation to Expand Pennsylvania Facility to Ser...

At a groundbreaking ceremony today, LORD Corporation announced a facility expansion in Cambridge Springs, Pa. to enhance its manufacturing capability for the oil and gas marke...

LORD Develops Fluid-Free Shimmy Damper for the Piper Ai...

LORD Corporation has developed a fluid-free shimmy damper for the Piper PA-28/32 aircraft.
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LORD Corporation—a leader in the management of vibration, noise and motion control—has announced new part offerings, repair service for the Bell 429 fleet, as well as other se...


LORD Corporation – a global leader in developing structural adhesives for industrial markets – has named Ellsworth Adhesives as its Product Assembly Adhesives Division Distrib...

LORD Corporation Earns Caterpillar SQEP Certification

LORD Corporation announced that its Bowling Green, Ky. and Cambridge Springs, Pa. facilities were awarded the Caterpillar Bronze Certification as part of the Caterpillar Suppl...

LORD Corporation, MicroStrain Sensing Systems Named One...

LORD Corporation, MicroStrain Sensing Systems was recently named one of the 2014 Best Places to Work in Vermont, for the second year in a row. The annual list of the Best Plac...

Women in Manufacturing STEP Awards Recognizes LORD Corp...

LORD Corporation announced three of its employees received recognition from the Manufacturing Institute, at the second annual Women in Manufacturing STEP (Science, Technology,...
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LORD Corporation will showcase thermally conductive potting and encapsulation technology solutions....

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