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With more than 40 years of experience developing electrical potting compounds and encapsulation materials using epoxy, silicone and urethane polymer systems, we continue to develop custom potting and encapsulant solutions for demanding applications in a wide variety of industries including, automotive, medical, aerospace, telecommunications and industrial electronics. Typical applications for potting compounds and encapsulation materials include ignition coils, engine control modules, transmission control modules, sensors, power supplies, transformers and other critical electrical/electronic equipment.

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Circalok™ 6011B Hardener
Epoxy hardener specifically designed for use with Circalok™ 6006-HS epoxy resin....
Circalok™ 6007 Epoxy Resin
LORD Circalok™ 6007 resin is a ceramic-filled epoxy resin specifically formulated for use with Circalok or Thermoset hardeners to create a two-component system. This system is recommen...
Circalok™ 6008 Epoxy Resin
LORD Circalok™ 6008 resin is a filled epoxy resin formulated for use with Circalok or Thermoset hardeners to create a general purpose potting and encapsulation compound. This two-comp...
Circalok™ 6009
Circalok™ 6009 A/B is a two component epoxy resin system which has moderate thermal conductivity and low viscosity. Circalok™ 6009 A/B meets UL 94V-0 specification for flame reta...
Circalok™ 6013
Circalok™ 6013 is a high density, fast cure sound deadening, radiation-opaque lead-filled epoxy compound.

For further information on this material, please complete the Contac...
Circalok™ 6015
Circalok™ 6015 is a high density, fast cure, sound deadening, radiation-opaque epoxy compound.

For further information on this material, please complete the Contact Us form....
Circalok™ 6028/6029 Epoxy Encapsulant
LORD Circalok™ 6028/6029 encapsulant is a two-component epoxy system used for potting high voltage transformers, specifi cally units designed for high temperature service. Circalok 602...
Circalok™ 6035
Circalok™ 6035 A/B is a low viscosity, flame retardant, room temperature curing potting compound. Meets UL94V-0....
Circalok™ 6056
Circalok™ 6056 A/B is a black, two component, room temperature curing epoxy encapsulating compound featuring long pot life, convenient mix ratio and good dielectric properties....
Circalok™ 6059
LORD system Circalok™ 6059 A/B represents a technological breakthrough in epoxy chemistry providing exceptional flexibility to -50°C and superior tensile strengths at elevated temperatures. ...
Displaying 1 - 10 of 89
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