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Thermal Management

Our thermal management materials include high performance thermally conductive adhesives, greases and gels. We transformed the thermal management market in the late 1990s with the introduction of GeleaseTM thermally conductive gels. Since then, we have continued innovating in the thermal management arena by introducing several novel solutions including a world-class highly thermally conductive adhesive (MT-315) and a new no pump-out thermally conductive grease that eliminates pump-out without the required cure step of a gel (TC-501).

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Thermal Management
Circalok™ 6007 Epoxy Resin
LORD Circalok™ 6007 resin is a ceramic-filled epoxy resin specifically formulated for use with Circalok or Thermoset hardeners to create a two-component system. This system is recommen...
Circalok™ 6037 Epoxy Resin
LORD Circalok™ 6037 epoxy resin is formulated for use with various Circalok hardeners to create a two-component epoxy system. The epoxy system is primarily used by the semiconductor in...
Circalok™ 6151 Epoxy Adhesive
LORD Circalok™ 6151 adhesive is a one-component, aluminum-filled epoxy adhesive designed for use as a thermal interface adhesive for heat sink attachment and other applications requiri...
Circalok™ 6702
Circalok™ 6702 A/B is a high density, thermally conductive, primerless silicone rubber used to encapsulate sensitive electronic modules....
Circalok™ 6703 Thermally Conductive Silicone Encapsulant
LORD Circalok™ 6703 thermally conductive silicone encapsulant is a two-component system designed to provide thermal conductivity for encapsulating densely packed power units....
Circalok™ 6710 Silcone Resin
LORD Circalok™ 6710 silicone resin is formulated for use with various Circalok catalysts to create a two-component, RTV silicone system. The silicone system is designed to provide exce...
Circalok™ 6711 Silicone Encapsulant
LORD Circalok™ 6711 silicone encapsulant is formulated for use with various Circalok catalysts to create a two-component, thermally conductive encapsulant system with outstanding elect...
Circalok™ 6725
High density, thermally conductive, primerless silicone rubber....
Circalok™ 6726
Circalok™ 6726 A/B is an addition-cure silicone system and, therefore, produces no by-products. The system has excellent reversion resistance at high temperature and will not cause any...
Circalok™ 6754
Circalok™ 6754 is a white silicone grease used to provide a thermal path between semiconductors and heat sinks by displacing the air gap between the mating surfaces. Used as a non-curi...
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