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LORD Magneto-Rheological (MR)

Automotive Suspensions

Technology is always changing, constantly improving … and so are we. As automotive OEMs are pressured by the marketplace to continue to refine their models and offerings, their suppliers are consistently pressured to improve their products and systems. As an agile company that values customer collaboration and rewards innovation, our solutions create value for our customers in reduced operating costs, increased productivity and improved performance.

No longer just a laboratory curiosity, the adoption of MR technology continues in new areas such as mount, clutches and more.

MR has had a large role in recent automotive advances. OEMs such as Buick, Audi, Ferrari, Holden and more have integrated MR technology into their primary suspension system.

We invite you to learn more about current automotive applications using our MR technology:


Our Magneto-Rheological (MR) technology enables new levels of performance in automotive primary suspension systems. In an MR suspension, controllable MR fluid replaces traditional hydraulic fluid in each shock absorber. As sensors monitor road and vehicle conditions, a controller modifies the damping characteristics up to one thousand times per second. This enables dramatic improvements in both ride comfort and handling.

Beijing West Industries, Ltd. (BWI)'s MagneRide™ system incorporates LORD MR fluid to provide real-time optimization of suspension's damping characteristics. MagneRide is incredibly flexible – it can be used to improve the driving characteristics of any vehicle, from high-end sports cars, to sedans and SUVs. First introduced in the 2002 model year, the system now appears on more than a dozen models from a wide variety of OEMs, including:

  • Audi TT
  • Audi R8
  • Buick Lucerne
  • Ferrari 599GTB
  • Holden HSV Commodore

Our controllable MR damping technology outperforms all existing passive and semi-active suspension systems.

Shock and Vibration Control:
Our MR systems offer unsurpassed effectiveness in precise, real-time control of mechanical systems, resulting in an unequaled ride experience. LORD MR-based suspensions are a "no-compromise" suspension solution that provides both firm cornering and superior isolation from road shocks and vibrations.

Fewer Moving Parts, Less Manufacturing Complexity:
Beijing West Industries, Ltd. (BWI)'s MagneRide shocks with LORD MR fluid have fewer moving parts than conventional controllable shocks – 60 percent fewer parts than valve-based semi-active damper systems.

Low Power Consumption:
Our MR suspension systems typically require very little power. In the MagneRide system, peak power is 20 watts at each of the system’s four dampers.

Quieter Operation:
Our MR dampers are also quieter in operation than those based on conventional servo-valve technology.

Durability-tested and Approved:
Our MR technology has surpassed all automotive durability testing for primary suspension shocks and is endorsed by two leading component manufacturers. The durability of this technology is further validated by more than five years of production and billions of incident-free road miles in Class 8 vehicle seat suspensions.


Our MR technology provides continually optimizing, re-settable safety solutions that maximize crash safety for vehicle occupants of all shapes, sizes weights and positions. By combining MR's infinitely- variable control with advanced sensors, an MR passenger protection system can be adjusted to provide the perfect resistance based on the impact severity and the passenger size.

Optimal Impact Response:
Our MR technology enables infinite, continuous and automatic control of occupant-protection systems corresponding to the physical attributes of occupants as well as the impact forces exerted upon the vehicle.

Dynamic Impact Response:
Allows re-optimization of occupant-protection settings throughout the entire duration of instantaneously recurring impact sequences.

Minimal Package Size:
Provides higher dissipative energy density than any other controllable material technology.

Millisecond Response Time:
Counters impact forces in less than 10 milliseconds.


Our MR technology enables equipment operators of industrial, agricultural and off-highway equipment to improve productivity over conventionally suspended cabs. Optimal shock and vibration suppression and real time control result in better protection to vehicle occupants.

Mitigation of End-stop Hits:
Relative to passive suspension systems, our MR system's superior responsiveness to extreme terrain changes enables it to provide superior mitigation of end-stop hits (the topping or bottoming of the suspension) in the ride experience, leading to greater operator efficiency and safety.

No Compromise Between Ride Comfort and Ride Safety:
No compromise between ride comfort and ride safety. Unlike passive suspension systems, which are a design compromise between ride comfort, shock (end-stop hit) prevention and roll-and-pitch control, the semi-active LORD MR system provides superior vibration isolation with greatly enhanced shock control while continuing to provide protection against roll and pitch. These enhancements are realized without the need for passive roll-and-pitch control components, such as roll bars.

Superior Value to Fully Active Systems:
Unlike "active" hydraulic systems, which must be custom-integrated into each cab-system design, our MR system is comprised of components that can be applied to a variety of cab configurations without modification of the vehicle. In addition, our MR system components are fewer in number, simpler in design and smaller in total size. These benefits can lower the total cost of suspension system design, components and installation. Further, the cost savings from our MR solution can be realized while offering suspension performance that is comparable with that of expensive, fully active suspension systems.

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