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Partnering Brings Innovative Solutions for Castable Urethanes - (07/11/2022)
Sometimes by looking at an existing material, a product and process can be made even better. In the oil and gas industry, Parker LORD found they had an option that could help the fracturing pump...
Reduce Noise with our Sipiol ® Weatherstrip Coatings - (06/24/2022)
Sipiol coatings not only provide excellent noise reduction but improve the overall sealing durability, providing the end customer with a quiet, dry and dependable ride.Frameless doors,...
What are Gap Fillers? - (06/14/2022)
What are gap fillers, and why are they so important for electric vehicle batteries? It all comes down to heat and performance.Battery performance is crucial to the continued advancement of electric...
Electric Aircraft Technologies are Soaring to New Heights - (04/23/2022)
While large all-electric commercial aircraft are likely years away from becoming a reality, aircraft electrification is already underway. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) reports that...
Protecting EV Batteries with JMC-700K - (04/05/2022)
From arcing to shorting out, protecting against electrical failures in an EV application can be challenging. To reduce these electrical issues, dielectric coatings have become a popular solution....
7 Ways We Make Ordering Easier - (03/28/2022)
Parker LORD’s state-of-the-art aviation repair station has been serving our maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) customers since 1978. With more than 40 years of experience, our expertise...
Structural Adhesives 101: Choosing the Right Adhesive - (03/24/2022)
The first post in this blog series, based on key learnings from our Structural Adhesives 101 webinar, focused on the fundamentals of structural adhesives and common terms related to adhesives. Now...
Outlook of EVs in 2022 - (03/17/2022)
Just over a decade ago, a report by IDTechEx predicted 1.5 million battery-electric vehicle (EV) sales by the start of 2021—a prediction seen by many as overly optimistic. Yet, it turned out to...
Structural Adhesives 101: What Are They? - (02/27/2022)
Industries across the board have discovered the advantages of structural adhesives for a wide range of applications. Structural adhesives improve appearance, strength and durability, while offering...
Channel Letter Assembly from A to Z - (02/18/2022)
If you’re a sign shop, you are likely manufacturing channel letters. Many channel letter builders have switched to bonding as a great alternative to welding or using rivets. Bonding reduces...
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