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How Potting Helps with Thermal Management - (04/24/2018)
Imagine a scorching hot day in the summer. You’ve been trying to use a fan to cool yourself, but it just isn’t enough. So what is the best way to cool down?  Jumping into a pool....
Going Beyond Technology to Product Delivery Adds to the Bottom-Line for OEMs - (04/23/2018)
With approximately nine decades of service to the aerospace industry, LORD has established many long-term relationships with OEMs and other suppliers. In many cases, we are the sole source provider...
Improved Elastomers are Reducing Downtime for Floating Drill Rigs - (04/18/2018)
The dynamic elastomeric seals, or packers, that contain drilling mud within the risers of floating rigs experience a great deal of abrasion during their service life. Packers interface between...
Why taking time for proper surface prep pays off when repairing with adhesives - (04/10/2018)
To fully appreciate why surface prep is so critical to the success of repairs made with adhesive, it helps to pause and consider what is going on at a microscopic scale. Any foreign particles on a...
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