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Using Parker LORD Adhesives with Powder Coatings - (12/09/2021)
When using adhesives in powder coating applications, proper assembly and fixturing techniques are necessary to avoid bond failures. This involves knowing which products are recommended for bonding...
Urethane Adhesives for Sign Fabrication - (12/09/2021)
Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a one-size-fits-all adhesive for sign fabrication?  Such an adhesive may not exist but, thankfully, Parker LORD offers a full range of adhesives to meet...
New Castable Urethane Adhesives - (11/15/2021)
Castable urethanes have been around many years and can be found just about everywhere. Used in wheels, rollers, bumpers, mining and oilfield equipment and much more, they include two parts—a...
What is Driving the Surge of E-scooters in Asia? - (09/28/2021)
With the growth of electric vehicles (EVs) around the world showing no sign of slowing, electric or e-scooters (both two- and three-wheelers) are at the forefront. Across Asia, three-wheelers,...
Which to Use? Adhesives vs. Welding - (09/27/2021)
When it comes time to determine the best fastening method, the debate is often over whether to use adhesives or to weld. Structural adhesives offer many advantages over mechanical fastening methods,...
Intervention Systems Bring Efficiency to Deepwater Intervention Vessels - (09/24/2021)
Deepwater drilling has expanded dramatically since the 1990s and the rapidly aging equipment is expensive to replace. Now is the time to look at intervention systems to maintain aging wellheads and...
Flexibility in Design Process Brings Better Solutions for Gimbal Assemblies - (09/23/2021)
To best meet customer needs, you must be a solution provider, not just a product provider. Our attitude is, and has always been, to collaborate with our customers to find an approach that meets their...
MMD Systems for Two Component Materials
Troubleshooting and Preventative Measures for MMD Systems - (09/16/2021)
In the first and second parts of our “MMD Systems for Two Component Materials” series, we shared what to consider when choosing your MMD system, the different types of MMDs, packaging,...
MMD Systems for Two Component Materials
The Different Types, Packaging, and Material Delivery of MMD Systems - (09/16/2021)
In the first part of our “MMD Systems for Two Component Materials” series, we shared what to consider when choosing your MMD system, and the different types of packaging and material...
MMD Systems for Two Component Materials
How to Select an MMD (Meter, Mix, and Dispense) System for Two Component Materials - (09/16/2021)
So, what is meter, mix, and dispense (MMD) equipment? Simply put, MMD equipment is used to dispense gap fillers, potting materials, and adhesives from bulk containers. MMD systems typically consist...
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