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Jargon Junction: Understanding the Difference Between OEM Approval and OEM Recommendation - (02/15/2018)
By Kevin CreeganIn the past year, some issues have arisen because of the confusion between OEM approvals and recommendations. Although the distinction may seem trivial, there is actually a major...
Innovative Recycling Solutions Needed for Li-ion Batteries - (02/14/2018)
By Prasanna Srinivasan As noted in our earlier post, there is great market demand for repurposing the batteries used in electric vehicles after they no longer have sufficient capacity. Another...
4 OEM Repair Trends for 2018 - (01/11/2018)
As we begin a new calendar year, it is important to look at the trends ahead. My focus at LORD is on the OEMs and the regulatory and safety megatrends impacting manufacturing, which in turn effect...
​Learning from Each Other: A Student Intern’s Story of Bravery and Grace - (01/11/2018)
At LORD we are committed to our thriving internship program. We believe supporting students as they step out of the classroom into a professional setting by empowering them with meaningful work...
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