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Jonathan Thomas

Jonathan Thomas is a Business Development and Key Account Manager at LORD Corporation, with a focus on industrial equipment.

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From Passive to Active: Today’s Industrial Equipment Offers More Comfort for Operators - (08/28/2019)
Suspension systems are almost as old as vehicles themselves. But, as with other aspects of vehicle design, they’ve undergone numerous changes, the most recent being a shift from passive to...
Which LORD TFD is Right for Me? (Part 2) - (02/21/2019)
If you are developing a steer-by-wire system, you may need help selecting a LORD Tactile Feedback Device (TFD). While the vehicle central controller is responsible for managing the actual turning of...
Which LORD TFD is Right for Me? (Part 1) - (02/07/2019)
So you’re designing a steer-by-wire system, you’ve watched our introduction video on the LORD Tactile Feedback Device (TFD), and you’re interested in evaluating a sample part...
Taking a Closer Look at Steer-by-Wire Systems - (02/27/2018)
Many original equipment manufacturers are re-engineering traditional vehicle hydraulic systems with intelligent electrical systems that reduce complexity and improve performance. Fully-electric or...

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