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Dave Edeal

Dave is the Global Product Marketing Manager for LORD Sensing, Stellar Technology, focusing in pressure, load, temperature and displacement sensing products and applications. Dave specializes in delivering optimal sensing solutions for use in the Aerospace, Test & Measurement, Oil & Gas and Industrial Automation industries.

Sensing Upgrades Help Oil Production Platforms Achieve Continuous Operation Over Longer Periods of Time - (06/13/2019)
You don’t have to be an oil-industry insider to be familiar with wells that use sucker rod pump controls. These pumping mechanisms are installed by the hundreds of thousands in the United...
Collaborating to Create an Adaptable Subsea Flush Wellbore Sensor - (05/23/2019)
The oil and gas industry is constantly evolving to optimize production and improve safety. This means new technologies and equipment are rolled out regularly. For example, riserless light well...
New “EVO” LS Series Pressure Sensor Product Line Offers Truly Configurable Product Without Sacrificing Performance and Reliability - (10/23/2018)
Challenging industry applications, whether in hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas, materials testing equipment or space flight, require reliable, continuous high-performance sensor feedback. Sensors...
5 Reasons LORD Sensing Hammer Union Pressure Transmitters are Better in Harsh Environments - (10/18/2018)
When selecting hammer union pressure transmitters, it’s important to keep durability, reliability and performance top-of-mind. Stellar Technology’s line of hammer union pressure...

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