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Teresa Mann

Teresa Mann is the Industrial Equipment Channel Partner Manager for Parker LORD in the NVH division. Teresa ensures that the Channel Partners are equipped with the tools they need to be a successful sales extension of the Parker LORD team. She is an alum of The University of Iowa and has been with the company for nearly 17 years.

Reading Between the Lines – How Channel Partners Add Value - (06/05/2020)
Our Channel Partners go the extra mile to provide that perfect solution for their customers.  Mid-Atlantic Rubber recently covered that distance and reinforced the concept of “value-add...
Meeting Unconventional Needs with Standard Parts - (05/21/2020)
A strategic customer of one of our channel partners, RPM Rubber Parts, needed a solution to an unusual situation. The customer had a new audio system that needed vibration isolation for the brackets...
5 Advantages to Working with Channel Partners - (03/17/2020)
Parker LORD cannot be everywhere all the time; therefore, we distribute our products through our five North America Industrial Equipment Channel Partners. It is understood that these partners provide...
Working with Partners You Trust is Key to Product Development - (03/21/2018)
Having almost reached our 95-year anniversary, we have worked with organizations big and small during our history. We are proud of the long-term relationships we have built with many OEMs – we...

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