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Ed Kopay

Ed Kopay is a technical support engineer at LORD Corporation with a focus on Industrial Equipment.

Is Durometer Hardness the Best Indicator of the Stiffness of a Rubber Mount? - (08/05/2019)
Is Durometer Hardness the Best Way to Specify the Stiffness of a Rubber Mount? There’s more than one way to measure hardness. You may have relied on durometer hardness readings in the past as...
Designing and Selecting Shipping Mounts - Part 2 - (10/10/2018)
When fragile items are shipped, special precautions must be taken to protect them. (Read Part I in our series on container mounts to understand what kinds of items need these precautions and what...
Protect Valuable Cargo with Shipping Mounts- Part 1 - (10/02/2018)
Shipping containers come in all sizes and shapes. Many items being transported across the region, the country and the world are fragile. Even items that don’t necessarily spring first to mind...
How to Select the Right Shipping Container Mount - (05/03/2018)
There are formulas for success when selecting any isolator. Although many factors can influence the dynamic response of a shipping container system, one of the key factors to consider is energy being...

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