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Federico Ciardelli

Federico Ciardelli is the Global Automotive Business Manager for LORD Corporation and is focused on automotive assembly growth and trends. Prior to joining LORD, he held many positions in various automotive Tier 1 companies such as Pilkington, Faurecia and Hitachi. 

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Three Ways to Lighten your Liftgate - (06/27/2019)
Consumers want fuel efficiency and government regulations demand it. The trouble is, other consumer preferences, along with government standards addressing additional aspects of vehicle construction...
Using Two-Component Under-Hem Adhesives to Help Manufacturers Meet Lightweighting Targets - (04/08/2019)
This is Part 3 in our series on lightweighting vehicles. See Part 1 for an overview of why and how automakers/OEMs are reducing vehicle weight in the pursuit of lower CO2 emissions. An important...
Lightening Liftgates - Part 2 - (03/19/2019)
Part 1 of our multi-part series on achieving lighter-weight vehicles gave an overview of how regulatory demands are challenging auto manufacturers to innovate. It introduced engineering solutions...
Emissions Legislation Means Big Changes in Auto Body Design - Part 1 - (02/20/2019)
In this blog series, we examine the challenges facing auto manufacturers—particularly, various regulatory demands—with a focus on meeting CO2 emissions standards. Constructing lighter-...

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