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Steve Webb

Steve Webb is an Application Engineer at LORD Corporation and is focused on current and next-generation adhesive development.
He collaborates with customers to design and implement adhesives into their manufacturing processes for optimal efficiency.

Engineering Breakthrough Speeds Up Manufacturing Process Part 2: Structural Polyurethane Adhesive Applications - (11/12/2019)
In Part 1 of our series, Engineering Breakthrough Speeds Up Manufacturing Process, we learned how fourth-generation structural polyurethane adhesives have a much shorter cure time than previous...
Engineering Breakthrough Speeds Up Manufacturing Process Part 1: The Development of a Fast-Curing Structural Polyurethane Adhesive - (10/24/2019)
For bonding composites, plastics or painted metal, urethane structural adhesives offer benefits such as low exotherm, low odor and high elongation. Despite these advantages, OEMs have often used...
Composites in Transportation - (08/27/2019)
The dictionary defines a composite as something made up of various parts or elements.When talking about composites in the manufacturing or construction industries, two questions immediately arise:...
Going to CAMX 2019? Learn About Fast-Curing Structural Polyurethane Adhesives - (08/21/2019)
CAMX—the Composites and Advanced Materials Expo—will be held September 23-26 at California’s Anaheim Convention Center. Don’t miss our session explaining how to increase...

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