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5 Important Skills Taught by STEM

( 11/04/2019 ) Written by: Anne Torgler

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education places an emphasis on preparing future generations for career success; however, skills gained from STEM education extend beyond those needed to be successful in just STEM-related fields.  Education in these fields fosters a variety of interests in children and instills skills that will allow them to be successful in any field.

  1. Problem Solving

This is one skill that truly permeates every aspect of life. While you may think you don’t use algebra every single day, the way it teaches you to actively think about and solve problems is extremely important.

  1. Creativity

A classic example is “thinking outside the box”.  Science teaches us how to look at problems from different perspectives and angles, consider action and reactions, and to weigh risks and benefits.

  1. Argumentation

Learning how to systematically process and voice support for (or against) an idea, action or theory is an essential skill in debate club or for lawyers, but it also teaches us how to influence people. 

  1. Statistics

A skill that crosses the boundaries of all career paths, statistics teaches us how to study probability, success and error rates – helping reinforce problem solving abilities and proving conclusions.

  1. Intellectual Curiosity

Why?  STEM helps instill us with the enthusiasm to never stop asking the “why” question. Intellectual curiosity helps us be lifelong learners and reinforces our creativity and problem-solving skills.



Continuing the Tradition (9 Years!) in Northwest Pennsylvania

2019 marks the 9th year that employees from our Erie and Saegertown locations have worked to help share the importance of STEM education with the future generation of innovators.

This year’s LORD STEM Outreach event at Westlake Middle School reached over 400 students across 7th and 8th grade through 11 technology demonstrations, 6 career sessions, and a live HH-65 helicopter display provided by the United States Coast Guard.



Who Knew Math Could Be This Fun?

Volunteers at our Cary location worked closely with the Junior Achievement of Eastern North Carolina for a second year to plan for the nearly 400 7th grade students from Dillard Drive Middle School who participated in sessions surrounding math, chemistry, physics and electricity.

Several math teachers asked for the math teaching plans to integrate into their lessons this year and the principal said she has never heard a student tell her that Math was so fun! 

The STEM events were made successful by the hard work and dedication of the LORD volunteers, and it continues to highlight the passion that LORD employees have to not only innovate and grow one’s own knowledge, but also to give back and share this passion and knowledge with students who may one day become the next generation of engineers and scientists.   We're looking forward to next year!



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