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7 Ways We Make Ordering Easier

( 03/28/2022 ) Written by: Diana Perez

Parker LORD’s state-of-the-art aviation repair station has been serving our maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) customers since 1978. With more than 40 years of experience, our expertise and tools will keep you flying.

We don't just supply systems to the major aircraft OEMs—we supply innovation and technology. The COREVIST online ordering system is the perfect example of how we use innovation and technology to make the lives of our customers easier every day. 

COREVIST is a system that enables and empowers customers to go online and complete a multitude of tasks ranging from checking prices of parts to placing orders. Customers who have LTA (long term agreement) pricing or terms with Parker LORD (that is, a line of credit) are eligible to use our COREVIST system, giving you access right at your fingertips.

Benefits for You

1.  Save Time

Our online ordering system empowers our customers to be proactive. Need prices for products immediately so you can provide a quote to your customer? Use COREVIST to find them at any time of the day.  Live in a different time zone than your customer service representative? Use COREVIST to place orders or complete other tasks during your work hours. Have an urgent question or request? Use the tool to find the answers.

Canadian Air Parts has been using the COREVIST system for several years and has seen the value of using the tool. “The fact that Canadian Air Parts can use the COREVIST purchasing site works well with our fast-paced daily workflows while we're supporting our worldwide aviation customers,” Sales Manager Natacha Parsons said. “It's quick, it's efficient and very user friendly.”

2.  Easy and User Friendly

The tool is fully accessible from your computer or mobile device. Users can be set up for “read-only” or “full access,” and password resets are user-controlled. Our customers receive training on how to use the tool and our customer service representatives are on-call to answer any questions. 

3.  Extensive Functionality

The COREVIST system links directly to Parker LORD’s SAP system which allows customers to place or pull orders, track their shipments and more. Customers can search for invoices for any order in the system, and can use whatever information is available to them, whether it be date, the Parker LORD part number or the OEM part number. 

Beverly Gregory, purchasing manager at Aero Products, finds the cross-reference parts number capability especially useful. “If I don't have the LORD number, I can type in the Bell number and it will automatically switch it over to the LORD number for me,” Gregory said. 

4.  Upload or Save Your Cart

COREVIST allows customers to upload and save their cart to the system, making it easy to re-order in the future if it is a frequent order.  This also allows you to save your cart and come back to it later if you are not ready to place the order. 

5.  Individual or Joint Accounts Available

Do you have multiple employees who place their own orders? Parker LORD provides the option for one account for the whole team or a login specifically for each user. 

6.  Notify Us About Pending Repairs

Use the COREVIST tool to notify our MRO repair station that you are sending in a part to be repaired. Beverly Gregory, purchasing manager for Aero Products, uses the COREVIST system for exactly that: “We enter our repair orders in the COREVIST system so that Parker LORD automatically knows that we are shipping these parts to be repaired.” Customers can also get a lead time on their parts when they search the dashboard. 

7.  Customer Service is Always Connected!

Customers can rest assured that their orders are in good hands because Parker LORD’s customer service reps monitor and maintain the orders to make sure that things like prices and lead times are correct. The COREVIST system cuts out the middleman, but our representatives work on the back end to ensure your orders are accurate. 

Parker LORD encourages our customers to give the COREVIST system a try. “I always tell people, even if they are a little reluctant, I still say give it a try. If it doesn't work out, we can go right back to the way we used to do it, which is them sending me the POS and me entering them,” Customer Service Representative Diana Perez said. “But usually, I find when people try it, it's so user friendly that they actually prefer it.” 


We encourage our customers to consider this user-friendly tool, however our customer service team always stands ready to assist. If you would like to enjoy the many benefits of our COREVIST online ordering tool or simply learn more, please contact our customer service team or 1-877-ASK-LORD.


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