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Going Beyond Technology to Product Delivery Adds to the Bottom-Line for OEMs

( 04/23/2018 ) Written by: Andrea Vimercati

With approximately nine decades of service to the aerospace industry, LORD has established many long-term relationships with OEMs and other suppliers. In many cases, we are the sole source provider for multiple years, maybe even the life of the platform. While we appreciate the confidence placed in us and our products, we don’t let our longevity and experience allow us to become complacent. It is our goal to always be looking at ways to make our solutions better to ensure we meet the dynamic needs of the industry.

Case in point is an Active Vibration Control System (AVCS) solution for Leonardo’s Helicopter Division Omni platform. Our AVCS solution has been integrated into a variety of OEM platforms and has been utilized by Leonardo since 2013. The proven technology helps reduce DOCs, displacing heavier passive solutions at a comparable or even reduced cost. In addition to proven technology, what is particularly advantageous about our solution is that we developed a family concept, ensuring the technology is a fit for all aircraft in this model. To accomplish this goal, our team spent a few years working with Leonardo’s team of experts to ensure a family model approach that would still allow customization for each aircraft based on its particular mission. In fact, our engineers spent months at Leonardo’s facility to participate in flight testing, ensuring success of each platform for the OEM.

Even when products are working well and delivering as promised, suppliers should continue to look for ways to make their offering even more beneficial. Although our AVCS solution was proven, looking at our offering in a different way allowed us to create the family solution and the OEM has greatly benefited. Let us know how we can explore finding the right solutions for you.

Andrea Vimercati

Andrea Vimercati is a business manager in EMEA focused on rotary wing aircraft.

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