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When to Use Direct-to-Metal vs. Standard Seam Sealers - (02/05/2021)
The seam sealer you choose for your repair is tasked with providing a robust level of corrosion protection while bonding metal surfaces together. The tough, flexible material duplicates the factory...
Case Study: Off-Road Vehicles Go the Distance with Structural Adhesives - (02/03/2021)
Erik Petroni, director of Never Quit Never LLC—an organization that hosts free U.S. Military health and fitness events around the world for U.S. armed service members, with a focus on...
2k versus 1k Adhesives for Auto Assembly - (01/11/2021)
Automobile manufacturers are finding plenty of motivation to convert to two-component (2K) adhesives from one-component (1K) solutions. As automobile designs advance, the industry is moving toward...
Eliminating Read Through with 2k Adhesives for Automotive Components - (10/20/2020)
Automobile assembly applications require the use of specific 2K adhesives for bonding substrates without resulting in read-through. Bond line read-through (BLRT) is the visible distortion (surface...
Reduction of Stress Points Using an Adhesive for Automotive Assembly - (09/09/2020)
In the past, the automobile assembly process solely relied on attaching metal parts through mechanically fastening using rivets or welding. Mechanical fastening has its shortcomings, including...
Fast-Cure Urethane – An Alternative to MMAs for Composite Assembly - (07/22/2020)
Manufacturers have been using methacrylate adhesives (MMAs) for bonding composites due to their strength and rapid cure.  While perfectly suited for open-mold fiberglass components, MMAs have...
フレームレスドア向けウェザーストリップコーティング - (07/20/2020)
Maximal Protection for Your Minimalist DesignFrameless doors, originally a feature of high-end sports cars, have become fashionable in mass automotive markets. They are not only aesthetically...
Feats of Engineering Part 2: Transportation Case Studies - (03/19/2020)
For utility trucks, service trucks and heavy-duty trucks hard daily use is the norm, however for trucks with a dump-bed, the situation is extreme. Panels must endure almost constant...
10 Things Auto Body Shop Technicians Need to Know - (02/20/2020)
Vehicles are changing—and so is the repair industry. Not only are new designs and technologies driving change, but recent litigation, in which repairers were held responsible for substandard...
Why Does NVH & Lightweighting Matter in Autonomous Vehicles? - (12/12/2019)
Noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) control are already an important part of the collision repair process, but they are expected to play an even larger role as to autonomous vehicles (AVs) continue...
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