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Why taking time for proper surface prep pays off when repairing with adhesives - (04/10/2018)
To fully appreciate why surface prep is so critical to the success of repairs made with adhesive, it helps to pause and consider what is going on at a microscopic scale. Any foreign particles on a...
How to Avoid Improper Use of Collision Repair Products and Procedures - (03/15/2018)
Dennis Beardsley, North American Training Manager for Saint-Gobain (a LORD Corporation distributor-partner) and I-CAR instructor, co-authored this blog post.Before starting a new collision repair job...
Tackling Read-Through on Pre-painted Trailer Panels - (02/21/2018)
Good signage on trailers has been an issue for the trailer manufacturers. A company considered a long-time leader and pioneer in the all-aluminum horse trailer market has long preferred to use...
Jargon Junction: Understanding the Difference Between OEM Approval and OEM Recommendation - (02/15/2018)
By Kevin CreeganIn the past year, some issues have arisen because of the confusion between OEM approvals and recommendations. Although the distinction may seem trivial, there is actually a major...
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