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Eliminate the Need for Expensive Self-Bonding LSRs

( 03/24/2021 ) Written by: Anonymous

A new adhesion additive technology, Chemlok 3Stream, is disrupting the liquid silicone rubber (LSR) industry by transforming regular LSR into self-bonding LSR. This new technology eliminates the premium cost and lead time associated with self-bonding LSRs.

Chemlok 3Stream optimizes the manufacturing process. It is designed for dosing via a third-stream pump into your injection molding process. You can use standard dosing injection molding equipment, similar to a colorant, allowing molders to eliminate the application of primers or expensive self-bonding LSRs. Standard off-the-shelf dosing equipment can be used, and no special tooling or mold coating is required.

Chemlok 3Stream provides ease of use, excellent bonding performance, and saves as much as 50 percent in raw material costs compared to self-bonding LSRs. It is the most cost-effective solution for bonding LSRs. While it optimizes manufacturing, it minimizes capital costs and still maintains excellent performance.

Labor costs associated with primer application are eliminated and it removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) associated with traditional primer/adhesive applications. Chemlok 3Stream bonds to multiple substrates across a wide range of durometers. Mold design flexibility is increased. 

Use of Chemlok 3Stream expands your supplier base and improves your flexibility across the supply chain. This is because it is used with regular LSRs, which are more abundant and readily available, so lead times are reduced. Working with nearly all LSRs, it expands your supply chain.

Proven Performance
Chemlok 3Stream has validated performance with multiple plastic substrates and durometers, including the plastics – PBT, PA6, PA66, PPS, PPA – as well as clean metals. It is injected the same way color is injected, with no change in injection speed, pressure, or gate location. The recommended temperature range is 125 degrees C and higher. Chemlok 3Stream is added at 1 weight percent in LSR. It can be added to your existing process at levels as low as 0.5 weight percent in LSR and still generate self-bonding properties without giving up quality or performance.

Our teams have gone through extensive testing with Chemlok 3Stream and it will achieve excellent  rubber tearing bonds to thermoplastics and clean metals, without impacting LSR physical properties. Competitors’ self-bonding materials showed higher adhesion failure rates and slower curing.  A benchmarking study is available on our website.
For medical use, Chemlok 3Stream passes ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity and ISO 10993-10 irritation testing but should be tested before use.

Chemlok 3Stream is currently available in North America and Europe. Learn more or watch our webinar "Transform Regular LSR into Self-Bonding LSR."

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