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Eliminating Mechanical Fasteners in Saddlebag Construction

( 06/04/2019 ) Written by: Dan Pomerleau

Sleek bikes need sleek accessories, like saddlebags with clean lines and sophisticated construction.

A hard-shell bag currently being manufactured for an upcoming motorcycle model will have a streamlined look that is free of visible fasteners, thanks to our LORD® 7545 adhesive. An equal-mix, two-component urethane adhesive system, 7545 can be used to bond a variety of plastics with little surface preparation.

Designers of the new saddlebag wanted a robust and waterproof—but lightweight—product. Instead of using mechanical fasteners and a gasket to interface between the lid and the main compartment, we collaborated with the manufacturing team to create a design that uses our adhesive. LORD 7545 ensures a strong bond between the bag’s ABS plastic and nylon materials. The adhesive demonstrated excellent durability for the structural application and resisted environmental damage from sunlight, weathering, humidity and salt spray. Also, the black color of 7545 ensures a uniform look between the saddlebag’s top and bottom pieces.

Production of the bag is simpler, too, with no drilling or gasket installation. And, with the fast handling strength of 7545, increased throughput was achieved—saving both time and money.

Dan Pomerleau

Dan Pomerleau is a Regional Sales Manager in Product Assembly & Adhesives at LORD Corporation. He has fifteen years of industrial sales experience ranging from adhesive distribution to custom fabrication.

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