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Get Unstuck: Removing Adhesives from Fixtures

( 08/14/2019 ) Written by: Shaily Shah

Epoxies, urethanes and Chemlok® adhesives aren’t designed to be removed. Our high-performance rubber-to-metal adhesive sticks to parts, fixtures and mixing equipment – even before they are bonded. Chemlok is famous for outlasting the life of the part it is applied to.

​​The problem is, in factories where any adhesive is used, the adhesive can build up on fixtures, masks and equipment used during the application process. Customers have dealt with the build-up by buying new fixtures for their parts, or by using dangerous and expensive means like burning or blasting off the adhesive.  

We developed LokRelease 800 adhesive stripping solution to help our production facility remove Chemlok from the tanks in which it is produced. The same build-up experienced by customers was an issue for our plant. After seeing the problem, our innovative teams developed a cleaning agent that swells the Chemlok adhesives without dissolving them, making it easy to remove them from the substrate. This has reduced hazardous waste disposal costs, eliminated the need for EPA strippers and saved hours scrubbing mixing equipment.

LokRelease removes Chemlok, epoxies and urethanes over time, but it works much better and faster with agitation. It’s proven to remove stuck-on adhesive from fixtures, pumps, transfer lines, tanks, baths, storage vessels and more.

Watch how LokRelease works or learn more about our adhesive cleaning solution


Shaily Shah is a business development intern at LORD Corporation, focused on mold release agents. She collaborates with our customers and technology teams to deliver solutions for their application requirements. 

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