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Heavy-Duty Composite Repair: How it’s different and why it matters

( 09/06/2018 ) Written by: Douglas Craig
Douglas Craig

Douglas Craig – Bio

In his structural adhesive technical service role at Lord Fusor, Doug is responsible for providing guidance and repair solutions to repairers, OEMS, and insurers which incorporate the proper materials and methods. In this role he also has responsibility for supporting sales, marketing, and product planning with an outlook to future technology and the probable solutions and products needed.

As the Collision Repair Manager in the Service Engineering group at Fiat Chrysler Automobile ( AKA “Chrysler”), Doug was focused on all topics related to collision damageability and repairability, while also interfacing with insurers to review and communicate real world claim data. Interacting between the engineering community and the after-sales service world, including the service parts group, allowed for a broad overall view and understanding of the product, functionality, and requirements necessary to fully restore vehicles in the repair process.

While at Chrysler, Doug led the development and launch of the Chrysler Recognized Certified Collision Repair Facility program along with a reinvention of the content of the Chrysler body repair manuals and creation of Chrysler’s Collision Repair Bulletins.

Like many people, Doug began to learn how to repair and paint cars in high school out of curiosity and necessity - never thinking that this may be something which would become a lifelong adventure.

After graduating from the University of Michigan and having an affinity for cars in general, it was not long before Doug had migrated into the automotive service industry and managed to gain knowledge in several businesses areas including automotive trim, tires and undercar service, classic car restoration, and in the end, collision repair which built upon all the rest.

Managing a high-volume collision repair facility allowed Doug to gain a reputation locally for providing a quality collision repair experience. When Chrysler began to contemplate a new program which would focus on early planning for damageability and repairability in the vehicle development process, Doug was contacted to join the company and start the program. Over the following years the initiative has been integrated fantastically, resulting in an elevated understanding within the engineering community of the need for better protecting vehicles involved in minor altercations and providing less intrusive repair solutions for more seriously damaged products.

During his tenure at Lord and Chrysler, Doug has been a member of the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Collision Repair Committee, including 2-terms as chair, and also a member of the SAE Service Development Steering Committee. In addition to this he has worked extensively with I-CAR and many other well respected entities in the collision repair industry including VeriFacts.


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