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Helping Customers Succeed Through Application Engineering

( 10/03/2019 ) Written by: George Klapsinos

Innovating solutions for our customers is what we do – we help them make the impossible real by building more efficient processes and using the latest technology for their bonding challenges. These collaborative relationships and the use of LORD solutions are driven by strong customer engagement and application engineering support. When our customers succeed, we succeed; therefore, our commercial and technical teams have a relentless focus on supporting our customers through every aspect of their bonding processes. Taking care of them, when and where they need us, is our top priority – even around the globe and in regional locations equipped with technical experts, laboratories and testing facilities.

Application engineers are a vital part of our project teams, especially during the product development cycle, when they ensure the product meets the practical application methods used by our customers. They’re truly on the “front-end” of product design and development – they leverage laboratory equipment, expertise and know-how to establish product application parameters from the start. Customer engagement activities often include Voice of the Customer (VOC) trials and Critical Design Reviews (CDR). The team also spends time with customers in their field locations to better understand the end-use application and types of environments the product will endure. These discoveries guide our design specification meeting, which involves a structured approach to ensure the best solution is delivered to our customer. When new products are developed, we typically use the “drop-in to use” approach. However, if an innovative technology requires specialized handling, the team defines equipment and establishes the appropriate application parameters. Also, it is not uncommon for us to collaborate with other industry experts to maximize integration of the product for our customers. For customer-specific product development, product performance is benchmarked using the customer’s elastomer compound and processing conditions – improving the readiness of our customers.

The application engineering team helps support our customers in a big way. This team reviews everything from safe product handling to part failure analysis with our customers. We have discovered that whether the end-use application is comparable or completely different, each customer uses our adhesives in different ways. The reasons for this vary but include markets served, part configuration, and processing parameters and equipment. As a result, application engineering plays a critical role in training our customers to use our solutions effectively. We engage with our customers through on-site technical service and support, troubleshooting and process optimization assessments. Several times a year, our customers are invited attend our LORD Academy at our Erie, Pa., facility. Here, they experience hands-on training with our adhesives and test different types of equipment that help when selecting the right tools to incorporate into their own processes. LORD Academy is offered globally throughout the year on our core Chemlok® products in elastomer bonding for a variety of applications in aerospace and defense, oil and gas, automotive and mining. This training is comprised of classroom coursework, hands-on lab experience and failure analysis. 

Our passion for innovation is anchored by our unending drive to create more value for our customers. Application engineering, training, and customer and technical support are all fundamental parts of this passion and essential to our culture. We work hard to help our customers succeed with their rubber-to-substrate bonded parts. These collaborative relationships and our vision to move every person in the world shapes who we are and enables us to make the impossible real for our customers. Let’s talk to see how we can help you maximize your processes.

George Klapsinos

George Klapsinos is the Global Application Engineering Manager at LORD Corporation. George and his team collaborate with customers by problem solving application issues, performing process optimization assessments, providing laboratory support and training them on Chemlok Adhesives.


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