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International Rubber Journey #8 is in the Books

( 06/25/2019 ) Written by: Angel Pérez

Has it really been a year since the last International Rubber Journey (IRJ) in Mexico? Wow, time has flown, and this year’s conference did not disappoint. With more than 200 rubber-enthusiasts in attendance from Mexico, Europe, United States, China and Austria, the world was well represented. Three days of speakers, manufacturing tours, training and workshops attest that IRJ is the conference to gain knowledge and expertise in the rubber industry.

IRJ began in 2012 in response to an industry gap in Mexico. The country did not have a conference that focused on training customers while exposing them to the breadth of solutions available in the rubber industry. Nor was there a conference that provided an opportunity for industry players to network and learn from each other. 

      This year, we focused on five categories:

      1. 3 Manufacturing Tours
        1. Pioneer
        2. Bypasa Rassini
        3. Chemetall manufacturing
      2. Training:
      • Rubber trends and best practices, taught by Latin-American Society of Rubber Technology.
      • Training and best practices on contaminated parts, metal preparation, coating processes, mining applications, adhesives, molding and injection processes,
        and much more.
      1. Industry Trends in Mexico: An overview of the impact of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement in the Mexican Automotive Industry, given by Alberto Bustamante, Director of the National Autoparts Industry.
      2. Workshops:
      • Bonding Failure Analysis
      • Mining Applications
      • Adhesive Application
      • Metal Surface Treatment
      • Rheometry
      • Tooling Design and Cleaning
      1. New Innovations & Products:
      • An innovative cold-bond technology was showcased for the mining market, Chemlok® Cold-Bond (CB) adhesives, designed for use in mining applications as an alternative option to hot bonding.
      • Tool/fixture cleaning solution was demonstrated, LORD® LokRelease 800 stripping solution, to show how effective this product, along with some agitation, can be at removing dried-on Chemlok adhesives.

      We also announced the 3rd generation of Chemlok Trainers – a group of experts certified by LORD in bonding processes, surface treatments and failure analysis with the goal that they will share rubber knowledge with companies using adhesives in their region.

      Want to learn more? Check out our LORD Academy or see what else we have to offer in the rubber industry. Keep an eye out for more details on IRJ 2020!

      Angel Pérez

      Angel Pérez is a Market Analyst for LORD Corporation, located at our Mexico office. He develops marketing campaign strategies and conducts market research. Angel’s primary focus is on our chemical business covering brands like Chemlok Adhesives, LORD Adhesives and LokRelease Mold Release.

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