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Reduce Noise with our Sipiol ® Weatherstrip Coatings

( 06/24/2022 ) Written by: Katherine

Sipiol coatings not only provide excellent noise reduction but improve the overall sealing durability, providing the end customer with a quiet, dry and dependable ride.

Frameless doors, originally a feature of high-end sports cars, have become a fashionable statement in automotive markets. They are not only aesthetically pleasing but have functional advantages as well. By eliminating the large pillar that is standard in ordinary framed design, blind spots are reduced, making the vehicle safer to drive. With thicker glass and a direct connection to the weatherstrip sealing, frameless door cars can increase the passenger noise comfort but only with the right choice of coating. 

Weatherstrip Coating

The direct contact between the window glass and the secondary weatherstrip sealing does bring some challenges. While framed doors have glass run channels (belts made of rubber or thermoplastic that provide a seal for the window glass), frameless door cars do not have this additional protection. Therefore, frameless door cars have higher requirements for the secondary door sealing coating, especially in terms of abrasion resistance and noise reduction.

To support our customers and address those concerns, Sipiol Weatherstrip Coatings are formulated with premium raw materials and 60 microns of particle size, offering high-performance abrasion resistance and low coefficient of friction against glass and painted surfaces. 
The proven performance, aligned with an integrated global supply chain strategy, has earned Sipiol Weatherstrip Coatings numerous applications on ICE vehicles (Internal Combustion Engine) but especially on EV (Electrical Vehicles) car models, where noise reduction performance is extremely critical. To learn more, explore our coatings here.

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