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Tackling Read-Through on Pre-painted Trailer Panels

( 02/21/2018 ) Written by: Stephanie Faucher

Good signage on trailers has been an issue for the trailer manufacturers. A company considered a long-time leader and pioneer in the all-aluminum horse trailer market has long preferred to use adhesives rather than traditional mechanical fastening. Previously, they only offered a few color options to their customers and would use double-sided tape which was costlier and more labor intensive than adhesives. This company has been using our LORD 400 series adhesive for more than a decade now, but recently faced the issue of read-through on some pre-painted panels. They had added twelve different standard color options and needed an adhesive that would provide excellent shear and peel strength while eliminating read-through on the thinner gauge aluminum panels.

On the larger show trailers read-through can be problematic, especially when using red, black and polished aluminum panels. We worked with the trailer manufacturer and found challenges at first because the painted aluminum panels had an acrylic-based paint. The failures were due to the paint and adhesive containing a few similar elements. As we worked through the issues, solutions became apparent. We found that manual sanding was decreasing throughput, and increasing labor and material costs. Our answer was to eliminate the manual sanding of the panels by using a panel router with sanding capabilities, thus increasing throughput and decreasing labor and material costs. Then, with the introduction of the 810/20GB the adhesive would eliminate read-through.

“By working closely with this trailer manufacturer, we found a solution that will help this company, as well as others, produce a better product for their customers while reducing time and expense,” said Shane Maclin, our regional account manager. “We welcome the opportunity to find solutions as our customer’s products evolve.”

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