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Non-Penetrating Technology for the Solar Rooftop Market

( 08/15/2019 ) Written by: Sujeesh Nair

With about 300 clear and sunny days annually, the calculated solar energy incidence on India’s land area is about 5,000 trillion kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year. India has overtaken the United States and become the second largest solar power market in the world (in terms of solar power installations). This is set to grow further to meet the targets set by local government to achieve 100 gigawatts (GW) of solar power by 2022.

Of the 100 GW goal for 2022, 40 GW is estimated to come through rooftop solar installations. Rooftop solar offers advantages over large solar plants as no land and additional transmission capacity is required. Much of the commercial and industrial architecture in India has flat roofs, making them prime candidates for solar installation.

The primary concern for property owners is damage to the roof during installation of solar systems. Traditional fastening method with screws and rivets require workers to puncture the roof to secure the racking. This causes concerns about damaging a roof’s structural integrity or letting elements such as rain or bacteria seeping in through these holes.

LORD has an innovative solution to this problem: using structural adhesives instead of traditional fastening. This improves the longevity of roofs while reducing overall cost and roof damages, along with many other benefits including:

  • Eliminate drilling and bolting operations
  • Improve stress distribution
  • Environmentally resistant and UV resistant
  • Reduction of manufacturers inventory as they can replace their bolts, washers and screws with one structural adhesive kit

Exaggerated life tests were carried out to check the bond strength of LORD 810/20 and LORD 320/322 adhesives on metals and concrete. They were measured against various corrosion, humidity and weathering tests, carried out for 5,000 hours, to confirm the long durability of these adhesives in highly aggressive and corrosive environments. These tests assure a life durability of 12-15 years with the potential to remain sound for another decade or so.

As an alternative to mechanical fasteners, LORD structural adhesives offer the benefits of reduced stress points, leaks and corrosion, resistance to extreme environmental conditions, and enhanced sealing properties. By switching to structural adhesives, property owners and EPC contractors can achieve significant cost savings in both installation and maintenance.  LORD structural adhesives have already been used in more than 50 MW projects across India Read what our customers have to say about us:

“LORD has an entrepreneurial spirit, which I admire. I approached LORD online and I received a call back the same day, after which they visited our office. We had an office and factory space of 400 Sq. ft at that time. They conducted trials on various products and finally we concluded on LORD 810/20. The bond strength was amazing. They did the initial testing in their in-house lab in the U.S. and when customer demands increased, they invested in testing through the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai. The team was a great support conducting trials to gain customer confidence. LORD has been a good solution for my end-customers and is also among my most cherished partners. I am not sure I can ask for more from a business partner. LORD will always be my only choice of adhesive.”

Sujeesh Nair

Sr. Market Analyst at LORD Corporation and works with the India sales & marketing function to explore new business opportunities.

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