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Why SUV Batteries are Coming Up Short: A Reply to Recent News - (05/13/2019)
You’ve heard it before: optimizing battery power is challenging. With market competition of electric vehicles (EVs) on the rise, engineers are working hard to overcome batteries’...
3 Takeaways from the EDTA Annual Membership Meeting in Washington D.C. - (03/18/2019)
Last month, the Electric Drive Transportation Association® (EDTA) held its 2019 Annual Member Meeting in Washington, DC.  The meeting featured key Congressional and executive branch speakers...
What is a Meter, Mix, Dispense (MMD) System? - (01/30/2019)
 Meter, mix, dispense equipment is used to dispense gap fillers and/or adhesives from bulk containers. Due to the high volume/high flow rate applications that are commonly associated with Parker...
Parker LORD Collaborates with Mississippi State's Halo Project - (11/08/2018)
Mississippi State University is home to one of the nation’s top vehicle research centers, known as CAVS – Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems.  CAVS is a world-class technology...
Thermally Conductive Structural Adhesives for EV Battery Packs - (10/17/2018)
Heat is a concern for battery packs; it can reduce the battery charge rate, resulting in increased charging time, and can even lead to damage to temperature-sensitive batteries. Today, auto OEMs are...
Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo 2018 Recap - (09/27/2018)
Our thermal management team is back from a fun, education-filled week at Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo where we exhibited and showcased our latest products and innovations. In case...
Reducing Thermal Impedance with LORD Gap Fillers - (08/23/2018)
With the trend toward electric vehicles (EV), increased battery range and performance is needed to allow competition with combustion engines. Battery manufacturers are feeling the pressure to...
Gap Fillers versus Thermal Pads - (07/19/2018)
In the quest to find the best thermal management material, battery manufacturers typically are drawn to one of two types of products: a cure-in-place, liquid-dispensable gap filler (gap filler), or a...
What are Gap Fillers? - (06/19/2018)
Battery performance is crucial to the continued advancement of electric vehicle (EV) design. One of the fundamental challenges in creating a battery pack is the effective management of heat generated...
How Potting Helps with Thermal Management - (04/24/2018)
Imagine a scorching hot day in the summer. You’ve been trying to use a fan to cool yourself, but it just isn’t enough. So what is the best way to cool down?  Jumping into a pool....
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