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Heat Diminishes Your EV Performance - (03/20/2018)
When weighing their Electric Vehicle (EV) options, consumers often make decisions based on key performance metrics, including how far their vehicle can go on a single charge. Auto manufacturers are...
Electric Vehicles: Market Adoption, Expected Challenges and Legislative Issues - (03/07/2018)
I recently had the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion entitled “Insight, Innovation and Investment” sponsored by the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA)...
Innovative Recycling Solutions Needed for Li-ion Batteries - (02/14/2018)
By Prasanna Srinivasan As noted in our earlier post, there is great market demand for repurposing the batteries used in electric vehicles after they no longer have sufficient capacity. Another...
Creating innovative energy storage solutions by giving batteries a “second life” - (01/03/2018)
As the electric vehicle (EV) market continues to gain momentum, repurposing the batteries used in these vehicles after they no longer have sufficient capacity is creating new opportunities for the...
Electrification of the semi will help meet consumer demand - (11/30/2017)
Anything Elon Musk does tends to create a media buzz, and the Tesla Semi is no exception. The latest media frenzy is warranted, however, as it has long-term positive implications for the electric...
How reducing hot spots temperatures improves thermal management in motors - (10/24/2017)
by Jim Greig, Global Sales and Marketing Manager Electronic Materials, LORD Corporation and Dan Barber, Staff Scientist, LORD Electronic Materials Motor designers have battled heat in motor designs...
Understanding gap fillers as a thermal management solution in electric vehicles - (09/18/2017)
by Eric Wyman, Senior Scientist, Automotive, Industrial, and Electronics Assembly and Electronic Materials Group, LORD CorporationExtending the life of your power electronics requires the...
Energy Storage, Part Three: How electrical vehicles and technological advancements are driving the market - (08/29/2017)
by Prasanna Srinivasan, Manager, Business Development & Marketing at LORD CorporationThe momentum behind the electric vehicle (EV) market is driving significant focus on energy storage systems (...
Energy Storage, Part Two: Dealing with the challenges and limitations of energy storage systems - (06/26/2017)
by Prasanna Srinivasan, Manager, Business Development & Marketing at LORD Corporation It’s no secret that the U.S. electrical grid system is overtaxed and outdated, and integrating...
Energy Storage, Part One: Are energy storage systems the next big thing? - (05/29/2017)
by Prasanna Srinivasan, Manager, Business Development & Marketing at LORD CorporationThe energy storage market is positioned to “explode” to an annual installation size of 6...
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