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5 Advantages to Working with Channel Partners

( 03/17/2020 ) Written by: Teresa Mann

Where Our Channel Partners Are LocatedParker LORD cannot be everywhere all the time; therefore, we distribute our products through our five North America Industrial Equipment Channel Partners. It is understood that these partners provide big benefits to us, but have you thought about how you, the customer, benefit from this arrangement?

Here are some advantages:

  1. Customer Intimacy. Channel partners can be just that – a partner. Parker LORD treats them as an extension of our company and encourages customers to take advantage of their expertise, knowledge and capabilities. Our channel partners get to know your business and the products you use and can help manage inventory requirements. These “intangibles” can go a long way towards building a more successful business for yourself.
  1. Engineering Expertise. Our channel partners know our Industrial Equipment catalog inside out and can often suggest products to solve specific problems or meet other needs. Most employ engineers who can explain the science behind why one product will perform differently from another—which allows you to make a better-informed decision. If custom work is required, they can act as a direct conduit with Parker LORD and can help impact the success of your new design. You also can benefit from their expertise with other clients, learning from their successes and failures – they will share what works and what doesn’t. Their one-on-one engineering assistance can be key to your success.
  1. Ease of Doing Business. Generally speaking, channel partners keep a warehouse of commonly used parts. This will allow you to place orders of smaller quantities—as you need them—and eliminate the need for maintaining your own repository of parts. You can also benefit from a wider variety of payment options including everything from credit cards, purchase orders and house accounts to PayPal.
  1. Rapid Response. When you need a part immediately, a channel partner is your best bet for a rapid response because of large inventories and the availability of same day shipping (or personal delivery). Parker LORD channel partners network with one another to secure parts from each other as necessary resulting many times in shortened lead times for our customers.
  1. After Sales Services. Perhaps most importantly, channel partners are there for you after the sale. With broad and deep capabilities, they are specialists at troubleshooting and can even join meet with you at your site for hands-on assistance. Some keep track of how often you order certain parts and will notify you when it’s time to replenish.

Parker LORD Industrial Equipment Channel Partners

Meet Our Channel Partners!


Five Things About Dave Zeman, Mid-Atlantic Rubber CompanyWhere Our Channel Partners Are Located

1.   Mid-Atlantic Rubber has more than half-million worth of Parker LORD products in inventory and ready for immediate delivery. About 20 LORD orders with parts weighing from less than an ounce to 156 pounds are shipped out each day. 

2.  Dave likens Parker LORD to a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and Mid-Atlantic Rubber to its nimble, fast-attack striker – performing kitting, custom packing, barcoding and troubleshooting before returning to the Mother Ship.

3.  A long-time Little League parent, Dave is now in his third year as Commissioner of the local league with more than 435 kids in his batter’s box.

4.  Mid-Atlantic Rubber’s experienced staff operates as engineering consultants.  The company has enjoyed 100% employee retention for the past 10 years.

5.  Dave believes that customers return to Parker LORD products again and again for the quality and predictable performance. “They can replace a part and know that they will receive the same level of quality again.”

Five Things About Ryan Tollaksen, President, DeltaFlex  Where Our Channel Partners Are Located

1.  DeltaFlex is a third-generation family-owned business...and both Ryan and his brother Patrick are continuing the legacy.   

2.  The company is 45 years strong and some of his team members have been with DeltaFlex for more than 30 years.

3.  His favorite thing about living in the Racine, WI area is the feeling of Midwest sensibility—the mentality that you do whatever it takes to get the job done. One way Delta-Flex delivers on this is with an inventory tracking system that alerts customers when it’s time to order.

4.  Ryan loves corny jokes - the punnier the better.

5. He feels that Parker LORD delivers the promise of an expected experience. “Not only are customers receiving a part that makes their machines better, they’re also getting the attention and service they expect from a market leader.”


Five Things About Brian Skelnik, President, Astro-Tex Company Where Our Channel Partners Are Located

1.  Astro-Tex is a second-generation business – with the next-gen already having joined the firm. The family-owned business employs knowledgeable staff and maintains a high-level inventory, including custom stock, for rapid fulfillment of orders. 

2.  One of the reasons Brian loves the Dallas-Fort Worth area is the food!  He feels the multi-cultural blend of flavors rivals anywhere you can go in the US.

3.  Brian’s favorite thing about working directly with customers is the satisfaction achieved from providing the service they need and ensuring a seamless transaction.

4.  Astro-Tex consultants thrive in their fast-paced environment but relax with a multitude of canine companions, including Yorkies of all kinds, a Jengo cattle dog and lots of rescues. If you count, there are more dogs than people.

5.  Brian believes the quality of Parker LORD products enhances the public perception of his company and is one of the reasons customers return.  “A high quality, well-made product that solves problems for your customers increases our visibility.”

Teresa Mann

Teresa Mann is the Industrial Equipment Channel Partner Manager for Parker LORD in the NVH division. Teresa ensures that the Channel Partners are equipped with the tools they need to be a successful sales extension of the Parker LORD team. She is an alum of The University of Iowa and has been with the company for nearly 17 years.

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