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Application Tips for Sign Adhesives Part 1: Preparing Adhesive Cartridges

( 08/06/2019 ) Written by: Carolee Nail

In “Selecting the Right Sign Adhesive for the Job,” you learned how various substrates affect adhesive performance. Now that you’ve selected the right adhesive for your project, how can you apply it to get best results? In this four-part blog series, we’ll show you how.

Adhesive operators should not rush through cartridge set-up, nor should they treat every dispensing system the same. Properly preparing two-part adhesive and adhesive/sealant cartridges will ensure good mix proportions and optimal bondlines—thereby improving long-term sign performance.

We have created a Structural Adhesives Cartridge Training video series covering manual dispensing guns and pneumatic dispensing guns. The videos demonstrate how to:

  • Identify caps, tips, levers and locks that need to be positioned or removed
  • Load the cartridge into the gun
  • Level plungers to make sure both sides dispense at the same time
  • Purge a static mixer
  • Position the gun for dispensing
  • Regulate air flow on certain pneumatic guns

The videos include additional tips, such as how to store loaded cartridges. 

Watch the videos to learn more or visit our other blogs on sign application tips.

Part 2: Adhesive Bonded Joint Design

Part 3: Using the Right Amount of Adhesive

Part 4: The Special Case of Laminating

More information on LORD sign adhesive solutions can be found here.

Carolee Nail

Carolee Nail is a Technical Service Representative at LORD, assisting customers with highly reliable adhesive solutions for assembly, manufacturing and repair with a focus on the sign industry. Our technical support provides product recommendations and application support via chat, web and phone.

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