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Creating Solutions through Product Support

( 03/02/2018 ) Written by: Dan Pomerleau

Sometimes a product solution needs a tweak to be the best. In this case, an aluminum boat company was using another adhesive manufacturer’s product, but wasn’t happy. The boat company let us know why – and we took it to heart and immediately took the time to show them how they could improve their efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

This aluminum boat company felt they were using too much adhesive on parts, but didn’t know how to test and qualify what the correct amount should be. Their current supplier would not visit their plant to show them best procedures and make recommendations. We took the time to review their facility and found their process could be refined and allow for less adhesive to be used. We went in with no commitment from them, to test our product, and showed them the proper method to setup a cartridge, apply the adhesive, and made fixturing recommendations. We were then allowed to proceed to the next step.

We performed a series of tests with both our Maxlok and several of our competitors, from Lap shear pulls, to side impact, water soak, T-peel, thermal cycling and environmental aging.

“After a 14-month period of lab testing and trials, we could show how Maxlok outperformed the competitor and was more cost-efficient,” said Dan Pomerleau, our regional account manager.

With our product, we could offer a slight price savings versus what they were currently using, but the true reason for the switch was the test data showing that we had a superior product, and our willingness to support them through the validation stages, implementation, and moving forward. As soon as we proved that our product was as good or better than the competition, support was the key item they wanted from us. We have been providing support to them from day one

Dan Pomerleau

Dan Pomerleau is a Regional Sales Manager in Product Assembly & Adhesives at LORD Corporation. He has fifteen years of industrial sales experience ranging from adhesive distribution to custom fabrication.

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