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SensorConnect Update Now Available

( 09/11/2018 ) Written by: Chris Arnold

We’re working hard to make sure your sensing system is state-of-the-art. Our wireless sensor networks and inertial sensors deliver information that is easy to visualize on the fully customizable dashboards of our sensing software, which is now in its latest release: SensorConnect 9.9.2.

Find this update on our website to upgrade to the latest version and access new features.  Our outstanding support team is available if you run into any issues.

What's new?

  1. Velocity Derived channel unit: The Derived channel list now allows configuring the Velocity channel to support both IPS and mm/s (on supported Node firmware).
  2. Data Repository Import: An added Import Repo button allows importing of a Data Repository collected from another computer. A browse folder button was added for opening the Data Repo in Windows File Explorer.
  3. Initialize/Reset Estimation Filter: The Initialize/Reset Estimation filter functionality has been added for Inertial Nodes.


Additional updates:

  • Import and access (through Windows File Explorer) data that was collected from another computer.
  • Initialize or reset filter functionality at inertial nodes.
  • Greater flexibility in configuring units of measurement.
  • Increased hardware support.
  • Improvements to the interface.
  • Bug fixes.

Visit SensorConnect for more details about the update or get started with the Quick Start Guide.



Chris Arnold

Chris Arnold is a product manager at LORD, focusing on inertial, wireless and displacement sensors.

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