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Watercraft making waves using urethanes

( 02/28/2018 ) Written by: Dan Pomerleau

Jet Skis creates a splash like no other for the rider and the machine. Jet Skis, zipping around lakes and oceans, have been bonded together with our urethanes for more than 20 years. In 2017, a new standup Jet Ski was introduced. We supply the urethane adhesives to bond together this new product line, which also includes bonding the internal parts of the machine.

Our Tyrite® 7501/7503 urethane adhesives were used for Jet Skis from the beginning and remain in use today on both the traditional Jet Skis, and now the new standup version. Because of the long history we have of providing urethane adhesives for their Jet Skis, the manufacturer felt bonding was the only option for their new standup Jet Ski.

When it was time to design a new version of the Jet Skis, the same tried and true urethane adhesive made sense. Our Tyrite is cost-effective, and resists moisture, salt spray, thermal cycling and marine environments, all which is essential for a Jet Ski racing through water. Additionally, it can resist engine oils, gasoline and battery acid. Painting and most cleaning processes will not affect the bond strength.

Our urethane adhesives are used to bond the internal components of the Jet Ski together, which encompasses adhering the bulkhead to the frame, as well as bonding the fiberglass deck frame to the top portion of the Jet Ski. This final step of bonding the top mold to the bottom mold completes the finished unit.

Dan Pomerleau, our regional account manager, enjoys working with such an exciting business. “We are honored to have such a fun and successful company as one of our long-time customers,” said Pomerleau. “As they continue to expand their product line, we are there to work with them and find the best solutions.”

Dan Pomerleau

Dan Pomerleau is a Regional Sales Manager in Product Assembly & Adhesives at LORD Corporation. He has fifteen years of industrial sales experience ranging from adhesive distribution to custom fabrication.

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