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New “EVO” LS Series Pressure Sensor Product Line Offers Truly Configurable Product Without Sacrificing Performance and Reliability

( 10/23/2018 ) Written by: Dave Edeal
Challenging industry applications, whether in hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas, materials testing equipment or space flight, require reliable, continuous high-performance sensor feedback. Sensors are employed in these situations to measure variables such as well stimulation, hydraulic pump or fuel system control valve actuator pressures. Finding the right combination of high precision, broad operating ranges and mechanical and electrical interconnectivity in a durable, reliable and readily available product has always been a challenge. Therefore, it is not trivial to say that selecting the correct performance parameters and options – such as measurement accuracy, operating pressure and temperature ranges and even sensing media interface materials - are critical to ensuring you’ve got the right sensor for the job. In these varied conditions, the flexibility to choose the best configuration for a pressure sensor ensures more reliable results for the situation and less burden on the application measurement system or control interface.
Today’s pressure sensors incorporate a broad range of flexibility in options, but many of these “configurations” – or combinations of various performance features and options - are considered non-standard or even custom. This can make the cost and availability of such products unattractive to the average user. Through use of state-of-the-art technology, designs and manufacturing techniques, the vast majority of these seemingly unlimited combination of options can be provided in a truly configurable product.
This enhanced performance can be found in the LS Series Industrial Pressure Sensors. Its flexibility includes options in output, pressure range, accuracy, pressure ports, electrical terminations and compensated temperature range. Some features and options include: 
  • “Low Level” (mV/V) and amplified (voltage or current) output in either standard (+/- 0.2%) or high (+/- 0.1%) accuracy configurations 
  • Pressure ranges from 7 to 20,000 psi (gage, absolute or sealed)
  • Operating Temperature Range -65°F to +250°F
  • Hermetically sealed, laser welded, stainless steel enclosures incorporating enhanced shock and vibration isolation
  • All variations fit in standard 1” diameter SS housing
  • 19-point factory calibration traceable to NIST as a standard option
  • Delivery of all product configurations in 4 weeks or less
The LS Series Pressure Transducers and Transmitters are the first installment of LORD Sensing, Stellar Technology’s new “EVO” product platform of highly configurable pressure sensors. Incorporating over 25 years of design and application experience in aerospace, oil & gas and test & measurement, the LS Series now allows you to choose a configuration that best fits the needs of your application. 
Check out our LS Series Pressure Sensors or fill out our contact form and a LORD Sensing, Stellar Technology representative will connect with you about our LS Series Pressure Transducers and Transmitters.

Dave Edeal

Dave is the Global Product Marketing Manager for LORD Sensing, Stellar Technology, focusing in pressure, load, temperature and displacement sensing products and applications. Dave specializes in delivering optimal sensing solutions for use in the Aerospace, Test & Measurement, Oil & Gas and Industrial Automation industries.

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