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Intervention Systems Bring Efficiency to Deepwater Intervention Vessels - (09/24/2021)
Deepwater drilling has expanded dramatically since the 1990s and the rapidly aging equipment is expensive to replace. Now is the time to look at intervention systems to maintain aging wellheads and...
Flexibility in Design Process Brings Better Solutions for Gimbal Assemblies - (09/23/2021)
To best meet customer needs, you must be a solution provider, not just a product provider. Our attitude is, and has always been, to collaborate with our customers to find an approach that meets their...
Predicting Fatigue Life and Monitoring Performance of Gimbal Bearings - (03/05/2020)
Gimbal bearings are subjected to enormous stress. As the interface between a drilling rig’s riser system and the vessel, they bear a great deal of weight, accommodate motion and endure extreme...
Gimbal Bearings: Understand Your System to Select the Best Bearing - (03/05/2020)
Gimbal bearings provide an interface between an offshore drilling rig’s riser system and the vessel. The bearings protect the equipment from excessive stresses and damage. The traditional...
Replace Tapered Stress Joints with Proven 10K Flexible Joint for Intervention and Completion Operations - (06/25/2018)
Maintaining subsea equipment can be a complex and expensive endeavor, particularly in deepwater operations. Riser-based well interventions and workovers are necessary operations that while...
Speedy Repair Program and Short Lead Times are Key to Minimizing Downtime - (05/21/2018)
Those in the oil and gas industry are always looking for ways to minimize lost time. However, the associated downtime with tool maintenance, along with extended order lead times (OLT), is an accepted...
Improved Elastomers are Reducing Downtime for Floating Drill Rigs - (04/18/2018)
The dynamic elastomeric seals, or packers, that contain drilling mud within the risers of floating rigs experience a great deal of abrasion during their service life. Packers interface between...
New Elastomers Key to Downhole Success in High-Temperature Environments - (03/27/2018)
Despite the fact that our products are proven in the toughest of environments, up until recently, there simply wasn’t an elastomeric solution that truly met the needs of downhole environments...
Knowledge is Key to Selecting the Right Sensor for a Hazardous Location - (03/14/2018)
A hazardous location is any setting where an explosion is possible due to the presence of concentrations of flammable gases, vapors, fibers or dust. An explosion requires the availability of three...
What You Need to Know About the Next-Generation MWD Shock Absorber - (02/21/2018)
LORD® Axial Isolators are specifically designed to protect Measurement While Drilling (MWD) electronics from axial shock and vibration. Although we have developed and supplied this technology to...
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