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New Elastomers Key to Downhole Success in High-Temperature Environments

( 03/27/2018 ) Written by: Adam Keithly, P.E.
Despite the fact that our products are proven in the toughest of environments, up until recently, there simply wasn’t an elastomeric solution that truly met the needs of downhole environments when elevated temperatures were present. To meet this need, our scientists have been hard at work to develop a specific elastomeric solution that better withstands high-temp environments. The result is our new high-temperature (HT) variant.
LORD® Axial Isolators are specifically designed to protect Measurement While Drilling (MWD) electronics from axial shock and vibration. Although we have developed and supplied this technology to the directional drilling market for many years, the newly launched HT variant is designed for optimal isolation at 350-degrees-F (175 C), while being formulated to resist compression set at these hot hole temperatures. Interchangeable with the standard Axial Isolator, upgrading is easy and is a great way to extend the life of your tool and minimize downtime. The standard tool can easily be upgraded to HT variant as needed simply by rebuilding the tool with the HT elastomer kit (J-28460-38). When temperatures are expected to remain below 275-degrees-F (135 C), simply use the standard tool and elastomer kit (J-28460-34) for optimal performance. 
High-Temperature Variant Shock Absorber
With more than nine decades of experience in developing not only motion and vibration control products but also industry-leading elastomeric solutions, we are well positioned to continue to advance the oil and gas industry.
To learn more about our axial isolators, click here for FAQs. 
Adam Keithly, P.E.

Adam Keithly is a Field Engineer at LORD Corporation. He is responsible for defining design specifications, coordinating field trials and developing solutions for shock, vibration and motion control.

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