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Speedy Repair Program and Short Lead Times are Key to Minimizing Downtime

( 05/21/2018 ) Written by: Adam Keithly, P.E.
Those in the oil and gas industry are always looking for ways to minimize lost time. However, the associated downtime with tool maintenance, along with extended order lead times (OLT), is an accepted reality. But, do they have to be? With our established short OLTs and new rental and repair options, customers are benefitting from significantly reduced and often even the elimination of any downtime associated with tool repair. Following are some frequently asked questions about our maintenance and repair program.  
What are standard OLTs? 
We publish a lead time of three days from receipt of order for standard items (Snubbers, Axial Isolators/components, etc.). However, located with the Oil & Gas office in the Houston, Texas area, we have ample inventory of tools and components readily available. We strive to process an order in less than 72 hours and are often able to ship or deliver orders the same day to meet our customers' needs.
How does the rental program work?
Situated in Houston but with offices around the globe, we maintain a fleet of rental tools, ensuring we have tools ready for your replacement needs so you aren’t stuck waiting for your particular tool to be repaired. We are able to deliver a replacement tool to you as soon as we receive the used tool either via express shipping or sometimes even in-person delivery. You’ll benefit from little to no downtime as you aren’t waiting for us to repair your tool! Axial Isolator Repair
But what about customer-owned tools?
We service those too! If you want to purchase and own the tool(s), we still provide maintenance services on the tool(s) with quick turnaround, typically less than 72 hours but sometimes as quick as same day! 
What else can I do to minimize downtime related to maintenance? 
In addition to our maintenance manual, we have training capabilities at our Houston office or we can come to you to teach you best practices related to maintenance. Another option is coming to our repair shop to learn first-hand how we repair the tools. We love visitors!  
For more information, contact me here.
Adam Keithly, P.E.

Adam Keithly is a Field Engineer at LORD Corporation. He is responsible for defining design specifications, coordinating field trials and developing solutions for shock, vibration and motion control.

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