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How Autonomous Vehicle Technology is Revamping Business Models - (08/22/2019)
As automotive technology continues to evolve – despite naysayers – autonomous vehicles (AVs) and connected vehicles are becoming more mainstream, and the collision repair industry may...
Going to CAMX 2019? Learn About Fast-Curing Structural Polyurethane Adhesives - (08/21/2019)
CAMX—the Composites and Advanced Materials Expo—will be held September 23-26 at California’s Anaheim Convention Center. Don’t miss our session explaining how to increase...
Celebrating World Helicopter Day - (08/16/2019)
World Helicopter Day (Monday, August 19) aims to raise awareness of the helicopter’s contributions to society and celebrate the diversity of people who design, fly and support them.Every day,...
Non-Penetrating Technology for the Solar Rooftop Market - (08/15/2019)
With about 300 clear and sunny days annually, the calculated solar energy incidence on India’s land area is about 5,000 trillion kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year. India has overtaken the United...
Get Unstuck: Removing Adhesives from Fixtures - (08/14/2019)
Epoxies, urethanes and Chemlok® adhesives aren’t designed to be removed. Our high-performance rubber-to-metal adhesive sticks to parts, fixtures and mixing equipment – even before...
Application Tips for Sign Adhesives Part 1: Preparing Adhesive Cartridges - (08/06/2019)
In “Selecting the Right Sign Adhesive for the Job,” you learned how various substrates affect adhesive performance. Now that you’ve selected the right adhesive for your project, how...
Is Durometer Hardness the Best Indicator of the Stiffness of a Rubber Mount? - (08/05/2019)
There’s more than one way to measure hardness. You may have relied on durometer hardness readings in the past as a means to check the stiffness of polymers, elastomers and rubbers. The question...
Aluminum Hood Bonding – How One OEM is Using Adhesives to Save Money - (08/01/2019)
Use of aluminum in auto and truck body construction is increasing rapidly. The Aluminum Association estimates the average aluminum content level will reach 500 pounds per vehicle by 2025 (up from...
When a Sign is More Than Just a Sign - (07/23/2019)
The Benefits of UL Testing and CertificationThe neon tubing, LEDs and wiring that make modern signage effective also mean the signs are considered electrical equipment. It’s no surprise that...
50 Years Later – Reflecting on the Apollo 11 Mission - (07/18/2019)
We are proud of our connection to history and such a monumental event as the Apollo 11 moon launch and landing. It’s the stuff of heroes and legends. For most of our employees, the moon landing...
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