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Powder Coating Signs After Bonding - (04/17/2020)
Structural adhesives provide clear benefits over welding and mechanical fastening. They bond dissimilar materials, provide improved appearance, insulate against galvanic corrosion and offer excellent...
Feats of Engineering Part 2: Transportation Case Studies - (03/19/2020)
For utility trucks, service trucks and heavy-duty trucks hard daily use is the norm, however for trucks with a dump-bed, the situation is extreme. Panels must endure almost constant...
5 Reasons to Use an Adhesive for Battery Box Bonding - (03/18/2020)
Assembling electric vehicle (EV) battery boxes using structural adhesives instead of mechanical fasteners not only results in process efficiencies but can help installed boxes perform better. Here...
5 Advantages to Working with Channel Partners - (03/17/2020)
Parker LORD cannot be everywhere all the time; therefore, we distribute our products through our five North America Industrial Equipment Channel Partners. It is understood that these partners provide...
Predicting Fatigue Life and Monitoring Performance of Gimbal Bearings - (03/05/2020)
Gimbal bearings are subjected to enormous stress. As the interface between a drilling rig’s riser system and the vessel, they bear a great deal of weight, accommodate motion and endure extreme...
Gimbal Bearings: Understand Your System to Select the Best Bearing - (03/05/2020)
Gimbal bearings provide an interface between an offshore drilling rig’s riser system and the vessel. The bearings protect the equipment from excessive stresses and damage. The traditional...
Beyond Ordinary Glue Part 4: Urethane Adhesives - (03/03/2020)
Early polyurethanes were used in their elastomeric form to replace rubber. Now they are used in solid form as well as in foam, coatings and adhesives. They can be a good choice for hard-to-bond...
Round Tube and Flat Surface? We Can Do That! - (02/25/2020)
The old adage that you “can’t fit a square peg into a round hole” doesn’t hold true for Parker LORD. At least not when helicopters are concerned.We’ve upgraded the...
10 Things Auto Body Shop Technicians Need to Know - (02/20/2020)
Vehicles are changing—and so is the repair industry. Not only are new designs and technologies driving change, but recent litigation, in which repairers were held responsible for substandard...
Functional Safety: Having Confidence in Your Equipment - (02/12/2020)
It’s possible there’s no bigger topic than safety. Every endeavor, every environment and every manufacturer must address safety—and every component within a larger system must...
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