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What Would Isaac Do? - (06/06/2019)
“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion can be well characterized by a rocket.  When fuel is expended out the back...
Eliminating Mechanical Fasteners in Saddlebag Construction - (06/04/2019)
Sleek bikes need sleek accessories, like saddlebags with clean lines and sophisticated construction.A hard-shell bag currently being manufactured for an upcoming motorcycle model will have a...
Changing Out Elastomers Improves OEM Product - (05/30/2019)
We previously talked about how important it is to insist on flexible couplings when you purchase heavy equipment.  Continuous vibration and intermittent shocks can cause numerous difficulties...
4 Tips When Migrating to Our Latest Generation GX5 Inertial Sensors - (05/29/2019)
The LORD Sensing 3DM-GX5 family of high-performance, industrial-grade inertial sensors is the latest generation of the popular 3DM-GX series. While these sensors are known for providing a wide range...
Collaborating to Create an Adaptable Subsea Flush Wellbore Sensor - (05/23/2019)
The oil and gas industry is constantly evolving to optimize production and improve safety. This means new technologies and equipment are rolled out regularly. For example, riserless light well...
Using Weatherstrip Coatings on Frameless Doors - (05/21/2019)
Maximal Protection for Your Minimalist DesignFrameless doors, originally a feature of high-end sports cars, have become fashionable in mass automotive markets. They are not only aesthetically...
Why Sound Dampening Matters - (05/16/2019)
Demand for passenger vehicles continues to expand in emerging markets, and consumers are putting greater importance on maximizing comfort to create the best overall driving experience.Noises created...
The Quieter Future of Wind Power - (05/15/2019)
In a previous blog we talked about using anti-vibration products to help reduce required maintenance on wind turbinesNow, let's talk about noise.What do you think measures higher on the decibel...
Why SUV Batteries are Coming Up Short: A Reply to Recent News - (05/13/2019)
You’ve heard it before: optimizing battery power is challenging. With market competition of electric vehicles (EVs) on the rise, engineers are working hard to overcome batteries’...
Selecting the Right Sign Adhesive for the Job - (05/08/2019)
Signs are not only important for wayfinding but are a critical part of any business’s branding message. As such, signs must be creatively designed and reliably constructed. Structural adhesives...
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