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Enabling More Affordable Wind Energy - (05/01/2019)
Industry experts predict that if the current pace of wind turbine use growth continues, by 2050 one-third of the world’s electricity needs will be fulfilled by wind power. As global demand for...
Here's What You Need to Know About Plastic Repair with Adhesives - (04/23/2019)
New, simplified procedures that use adhesives specifically formulated for plastic repair are providing body shop technicians with a straightforward alternative to often cumbersome procedures that...
Protecting the Planet Starts with You - (04/22/2019)
For nearly 50 years, people around the globe have participated in the largest civic-focused day of action in the world – Earth Day. Celebrated annually on April 22, Earth Day brings together...
Faster Freight Truck Assembly - (04/17/2019)
Data on sales of commercial trucks and vans, collected through 2018 by the Association for the Work Truck Industry (NTEA), show that vehicle sales increase each year. Increased sales mean increased...
Using Two-Component Under-Hem Adhesives to Help Manufacturers Meet Lightweighting Targets - (04/08/2019)
This is Part 3 in our series on lightweighting vehicles. See Part 1 for an overview of why and how automakers/OEMs are reducing vehicle weight in the pursuit of lower CO2 emissions. An important...
Comparison of Elastomeric and Coil Spring Torsional Couplings - (03/27/2019)
We previously talked about how important it is to insist on flexible couplings when you purchase heavy equipment. Continuous vibration and intermittent shocks can cause numerous difficulties –...
Why Adaptability Matters in Collision Repair - (03/27/2019)
Creativity and artistic skills come into play when making vehicle repairs with adhesives, in addition to following proper procedures. Technicians must be able to adapt to specific repairs. Although...
Five Reasons to Bond ACM Panels Before Painting - (03/20/2019)
Aluminum composite material (ACM) panels are a popular and durable building material. Often, Kynar® powder coating is used to paint ACM panels. The coated metal must be properly cured in order to...
Lightening Liftgates - Part 2 - (03/19/2019)
Part 1 of our multi-part series on achieving lighter-weight vehicles gave an overview of how regulatory demands are challenging auto manufacturers to innovate. It introduced engineering solutions...
3 Takeaways from the EDTA Annual Membership Meeting in Washington D.C. - (03/18/2019)
Last month, the Electric Drive Transportation Association® (EDTA) held its 2019 Annual Member Meeting in Washington, DC.  The meeting featured key Congressional and executive branch speakers...
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