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Bond Line

What is a bond line or bondline?

The bond line of a material is used to describe where a material contacts components, usually when it is sandwiched in between them. Typically, the most important quality of a bond line is its thickness. For liquid-dispensed materials, bond line is variable and is based on the stand-off that is present in each application.

To ensure a specific bond line thickness in materials, glass beads are often used. These are small spheres that are added at approximately 1% of the formulation weight to maintain the desired thickness for the application when the material is dispensed. When added at such a low percentage, glass beads can maintain the appropriate bond line thickness without negatively affecting the properties of the material.

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Our extensive range of adhesives includes solutions with glass beads - enabling precise control of bond line thickness in applications ranging from industrial structural to automotive assembly-to-repair.

Electronic Materials

Our product line not only includes CoolTherm SC-322, which contains glass beads, but also a range of gels and greases that facilitate extremely thin bond lines - an attribute commonly required in electronics applications.

The dimensions of an adhesive joint are defined by the bond line thickness and width.


LORD offers several adhesives with glass beads to help ensure a consistent bond line thickness.

Application Note: when bonding metals, glass beads ensure precise bond line thickness by preventing too much adhesive being squeezed out due to over clamping.

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