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Career FAQs


How do I apply to join LORD Corporation?

Please visit our Job Openings page, and click the blue "Apply" button next to the position in which you're interested. In order to submit your application, you are required to complete a free registration process.

I cannot find a suitable job on your Web site. Can I still apply?

While we no longer accept speculative applications, cover letters or resumes, we encourage you to check the site often as new positions are posted regularly.

Do I need a degree to work at LORD?

It a degree is required for a particular position, that requirement will be noted in the job description. However, a candidate who does not hold a degree may still be considered for a position if he or she can demonstrate substantial relevant experience.

How long after applying can I expect to wait before hearing anything?

LORD will send you an e-mail confirmation within 2 business days of receiving your application. If your qualifications and experience match our requirements, a recruiter will contact you soon after to discuss your CV/resume in more detail. Because we receive so many applications, we cannot make personal contact with everyone who applies for a position.

Can I apply to more than one opening?

Yes. Every position is filled separately, so you should submit a CV/resume for every opportunity and geography for which you'd like to be considered.

Does LORD offer relocation packages?

Depending on the position, job market, and availability of candidates, relocation benefits may be offered. We recommend applying for positions that you think are the best fit for you and are located in your geographical preference.

How can I apply for LORD positions that are outside of North America?

You can search for positions in specific regions and apply for those positions directly.

Does LORD accept resumes from 3rd Party Staffing Agencies?

LORD maintains a list of approved vendors who are engaged to support our recruitment requests and who have signed a Master Services Agreement. For positions that require 3rd party recruiting support, LORD will engage an approved vendor(s), requesting that they sign a Letter of Engagement (LOE). Any resume(s) received absent a signed LOE will be considered unsolicited and will become the property of LORD. Employment agencies will receive no payment from LORD for unsolicited resumes.


Does LORD Corporation have student co-op or internship programs?

Yes, we offer a number of opportunities for students pursuing degrees at all education levels. Our programs are available to students pursuing their bachelor's, master's, Ph.D., and MBA degrees. We also have positions available for recent college graduates. These programs accept new participants each year, based on our business needs.

Who can apply for an internship/co-op?

Any student enrolled full time in a university undergraduate or graduate program is eligible for an internship/co-op with LORD. Students who are applying for an internship or co-op must be seeking a degree in a subject matter related to the position they are applying for, and they must have a minimum 3.0 GPA.

What is the difference between an Internship and co-op?

An Internship is described as a student enrolled on a full time basis in a college/university who works for a designated period of time under supervision to obtain valuable and practical work experience.  Student interns will work primarily during the summer months and then return to school on a full-time basis in the fall.  On occasion, we will have interns work on a part-time basis during the school year, typically 8-15 hours per week.

A co-op is described as a student enrolled on a full time basis in a structured cooperative education program with a college/university. Co-op students are provided academic credit for structured work experience. Typically, co-ops will work for a company for at least three work terms alternating with school terms, resulting in a five-year degree program. LORD Corporation offers summer internships as well as co-ops for the spring, summer, and fall work terms.

What is the best way to apply for an internship?

We recruit co-ops and interns using the same process we use for full-time hires. Those interested are required to submit their application online at lord.com. You may also want to make arrangements to visit with our recruiters in person at an area LORD recruiting event. LORD participates in recruiting events at colleges and universities across the country. To locate the recruiting events we will be attending, view our University Events Calendar. These events are updated regularly, so keep checking the website.

What opportunities are available to me if I am graduating or have graduated and am seeking a full-time position?

All positions will be posted on lord.com, and most new graduates are hired through direct hire positions, but we also have a variety of new college graduate rotational programs such as the Career Foundations Program and the Technical Sales Development Program. Information about these programs can be found on the Career Paths page.

Can I apply to more than one opening?

Yes. Every position is filled separately, so you should submit a CV/resume for every opportunity and location for which you would like to be considered.

When is a good time to start looking for internship/co-op openings?

LORD Corporation conducts interviews for student positions which can be posted at any time throughout the year. We recommend you apply to an internship or co-op at least 6 months in advance, or as soon as they are posted on lord.com, as our positions fill up quickly. Career fairs and other university events are great opportunities for you to learn more about what positions are available. Our upcoming university events will be continually updated on our University Events Calendar.

What can I expect to receive from an Internship/co-op with LORD?

As an intern/co-op, you can expect to receive hands-on experience designed to fit your career objectives, complement your academic work, and enhance your learning. You will participate in challenging work assignments and projects that add value to the company, while allowing you to discover your strengths and interests within your field of study.

How can I benefit from working with LORD in the long term?

Our internship/co-op program will prepare you for your future career and allow you to develop and improve your skill set. In addition to real-world work experience, we offer various opportunities to network within the organization and participate in enrichment opportunities outside of your general day-to-day tasks. These include Lunch n' Learns, facility tours, volunteer work, Blueprints for Success workshops, etc. Every student is regarded as a potential full-time employee with LORD Corporation, and you may have the opportunity during the course of your work term to interview for full-time opportunities.

What are Lunch n' Learns and Blueprints for Success workshops?

These are two examples of enrichment opportunities we offer students during their work term. Lunch n' Learns provide information about various departments and products within LORD as well as our partnership with external customers and industries. The Blueprints for Success workshops are a unique learning opportunity for students to enh

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