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Rubber processing mill with LORD latex or cross-linkers in the rubber.


LORD provides the rubber industry with innovative products and solutions as requirements and process efficiencies change. We produce specialty materials (cross-linkers, latex, mold releases, cleaning solutions) that complement our adhesive and coating products lines.


We offer rubber cross-linkers based on our LORD quinone dioxime (DBQDO®) technology that can be added in the production of adhesives, tapes and rubber cross-linker additive packages or dispersions.

DBQDO is a non-sulfur vulcanizing agent for natural and synthetic elastomers. It is used for curing of butyl stocks requiring heat resistance. Elastomers of this type are used to fabricate high voltage wire/cable products, molded electrical components, heat-resistant seals, jackets and hoses, inner tubes and tire curing bags.

This agent is similar to Quinone Dixoime (QDO®) vulcanizing agent in the properties it imparts to butyl, but different in its processing characteristics. DBQDO agent has a slower reactivity time and is usually preferred when processing convenience is of primary importance. Whereas QDO is heat resistant and enables longer processing time due to its slow reactivity.

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LORD has the capability to produce specialty latex materials using our unique latex process. Current latex materials are either butyl or chlorinated polyethylene in nature and are sold into a wide variety of applications when customers seek specific performance requirements of chemical resistance or resilience.

Our teams continue to innovate within this area and are willing to collaborate with partners to expand our scope to develop new solutions within the rubber specialty materials space.

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Rubber wheel being removed with LORD LokRelease mold release

LokRelease Mold Release Agent

Our LORD LokRelease™ mold release is designed for use with molded elastomers or rubber. LokRelease provides a semi-permanent, anti-stick surface coating for fast, easy part removal from molds — without any transfer from the mold to the part. Depending on the application and materials used, you can expect to get more molding cycles per application before needing to re-apply the mold release.

Tank cleaning with LORD LokRelease adhesive stripping solution to remove dried-on adhesives.

LokRelease Chemical Cleaning Solution

We have developed a stripping solution that removes dried-on adhesive from mixing equipment and fixtures. LORD LokRelease™ chemical cleaning solutions eliminate the need for risky and unsafe cleaning alternatives — no scraping or incinerating stuck-on adhesive.

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