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Feats of Engineering Part 1: A Sea-Change in Adhesive Chemistry - (01/22/2020)
Did you know:Wind turbine blades can be almost as long as airplane wings; the longest blades spin at up to 180 mph at their tips—and load-bearing structural adhesives are often part of blade...
How Electric Vehicles are Driving Growth of Autonomous Vehicles - (01/20/2020)
There is a trillion-dollar market developing around the world through the use of disruption technology in driverless vehicles. Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are expected to be designed as ACES (...
Choosing an Attachment System – Which Mount Is Right for You? - (01/09/2020)
Mounts are small parts that have a big job. They isolate vibrations within equipment, extending the life of that equipment while improving safety and, when installed in human-operated machinery,...
Beyond Ordinary Glue Part 2: Acrylic Adhesives - (01/08/2020)
Many advancements in adhesive chemistry occurred during the WWII era, as researchers sought new materials that could be used to support the war effort. Acrylics are no exception. Their strong bond...
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