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Lightening Liftgates - Part 2 - (03/19/2019)
Part 1 of our multi-part series on achieving lighter-weight vehicles gave an overview of how regulatory demands are challenging auto manufacturers to innovate. It introduced engineering solutions...
Know Your Composite Vehicle Repair Options - (02/28/2019)
Automakers are increasing the use of composite plastics such as carbon fiber, fiberglass and sheet-molded compound (SMC) in vehicle construction, and that means collision repair technicians need to...
How Wireless Sensors Improve Efficiency and Accuracy in Testing Environments - (02/26/2019)
Everyone is familiar with a “crash test dummy,” the full-scale anthropomorphic test device (ATD) that is used to record data about its behavior in simulated vehicle impacts. An ATD has...
Emissions Legislation Means Big Changes in Auto Body Design - Part 1 - (02/20/2019)
In this blog series, we examine the challenges facing auto manufacturers—particularly, various regulatory demands—with a focus on meeting CO2 emissions standards. Constructing lighter-...
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