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Thermally Conductive Chemistries: What's the Difference? - (03/26/2019)
With the growing demand for electric vehicles (EVs), competition is at an all-time high.  Automakers have strict specifications on how components for EVs should be created, so the need for...
3 Takeaways from the EDTA Annual Membership Meeting in Washington D.C. - (03/18/2019)
Last month, the Electric Drive Transportation Association® (EDTA) held its 2019 Annual Member Meeting in Washington, DC.  The meeting featured key Congressional and executive branch speakers...
What is a Meter, Mix, Dispense (MMD) System? - (01/30/2019)
 Meter, mix, dispense equipment is used to dispense gap fillers and/or adhesives from bulk containers. Due to the high volume/high flow rate applications that are commonly associated with LORD...
How Electric Vehicles are Driving Growth of Autonomous Vehicles - (01/16/2019)
There is a trillion-dollar market developing around the world through the use of disruption technology in driverless vehicles. Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are expected to be designed as ACES (...
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