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Innovative Recycling Solutions Needed for Li-ion Batteries

( 02/14/2018 ) Written by: Prasanna Srinivasan

By Prasanna Srinivasan 

As noted in our earlier post, there is great market demand for repurposing the batteries used in electric vehicles after they no longer have sufficient capacity. Another big challenge that the market must solve involves recycling. This need is necessary not only for environmental purposes but also because some of the metals used in LiB could be facing shortage if the EV market continues to expand. In fact, today, more than 99 percent of lead found in lead acid batteries is recycled on a global basis, making it is one of the most recycled elements in the world. With the growth in electric vehicles, there is a growing market for recyclability of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries as well.


While there is a need, simplistic solutions are needed as the process is currently complex. Recycling typically involves collection, disassembly of the battery from what it is connected to, and then capturing of the metals. The process is fairly complicated and involves handling of potentially toxic materials. Further, as electrified vehicles continue to gain favor, the chemistries associated with these units will continue to increase in complexity. The result will be an expanded market need of batteries needing recycling, especially as the cost of metals such as nickel manganese cobalt rise.


In anticipation of this market need, LORD is already experimenting with a solution that will make the dismantling process easier. If you are looking for ways to make this process better or expand your market offerings with more elegant solutions for recycling, we welcome the opportunity to co-innovate with you.


Contact us today to co-innovate a safer, cleaner and inexpensive solution for your recycling process.



Prasanna Srinivasan

Prasanna Srinivasan is Manager, Business Development & Marketing at LORD Corporation, with a focus on growing the company’s thermal management business.

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