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A Milestone Worth Celebrating

( 01/08/2019 ) Written by: Ed Auslander

In 1924 our founder, Hugh Lord, set out to make vehicles quieter through innovation. Fast forward to 2018 – now our solutions go far beyond vibration and sound. In December, we became a $1 billion company. Hugh and his son, Tom, would be so proud our continued innovative spirit that has driven the company for 95 years!

There are larger companies, yes. But for LORD, this is a huge milestone we could not have reached without our customers, our partners, and our people. The passion we have for innovation is anchored by our unending drive to create more value for our customers.

Customers have come to us with complex problems, and through collaboration and innovation, we have been able to develop and implement the solutions that make the impossible real. I encourage you to visit LORD Around the World to see how our innovations truly move every person in the world.

Of course, we have many more goals to achieve – always with the customer experience in mind. We are well-positioned for continuous growth and excited for what is yet to come. Our steadfast commitment to our customers is stronger than ever as we look forward to a future of continuous innovation to move every person in the world. Thank you for taking this journey with us!


Ed Auslander is president and CEO of LORD Corporation and a member of its Board of Directors.

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